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How to Choose the Best Pet-Friendly Furniture – The Basics

pet friendly furniture

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How to Choose the Best Pet-Friendly Furniture – Introduction Video

Why do pet-friendly interior design matters?

Have you ever gone to a friend’s house and just felt instantly at ease? Or have you ever walked into a store and felt your mood lift? It could be the color scheme, the lighting, pet-friendly indoor trees, pet-friendly houseplants, or the way the furniture is arranged. These are all examples of interior design at work. And it turns out there’s a reason why we respond so positively to certain design elements. Studies have shown that our surroundings can significantly impact our mood and well-being.

But why stop there? Owning a pet also positively affects our lives; dogs have been called man’s best friend for a reason. They provide us with companionship, loyalty, and unconditional love.

But did you know that pets can also positively impact our mental and physical health? Studies have shown that owning a pet can lead to increased levels of self-esteem and happiness. In fact, one study even found that pet owners were more likely to experience positive emotions than those who didn’t own pets. Additionally, pets can help to reduce stress levels and promote healthy lifestyle habits, such as regular exercise.

This is why pet-friendly interior design matters for you and your pet. By creating a well-designed pet-friendly environment in your home, you can enhance your mood, well-being, and health, while creating a space that is both stylish and functional. It’s also strongly recommended to hire an experienced interior designer to help you execute all the strategies and principles you’ll learn.

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How to Choose the Best Pet-Friendly Furniture - The Basics

10 Basic Principles for buying pet-friendly furniture

The pet-friendly movement has been on the rise in recent years, with more and more people looking to adopt pets into their homes. But what does that mean for your furniture? How can you make sure that your furniture is pet-friendly and comfortable for both you and your pet? Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing pet-friendly furniture:

1.- Sofa Size Matters for your pets.

When it comes to pet-friendly furniture, size matters, you’ll want to make sure that any piece of furniture you’re considering is big enough to accommodate your pet. That means taking into account not only the size of your pet now but also their size as they grow. For example, if you have a small dog, you’ll want to make sure that the couch you choose is big enough for them to curl upon. Similarly, if you have a large dog, you’ll want to make sure they can lay down comfortably without taking up the entire couch.

2.- Sofas Shape Matters for your pet.

The shape of your furniture is also essential to consider when making it pet-friendly. Avoid sharp edges and opt for rounded or soft shapes instead. This will help prevent your pet from getting injured if they accidentally bump into or fall off the furniture.

3.- Built-In Storage in Furniture Matters.

If you have a pet, chances are you will need extra storage for all of their toys, food, and other supplies. Built-in storage can be a great way to ensure that your pet’s things are out of sight and out of mind but still easily accessible when you need them.

4.- Friendly Material Matters such as performance fabrics. 

The material of your furniture is also essential to consider when making it pet-friendly. Choose pet-friendly fabrics and synthetic materials like performance fabrics that are stain-resistant or leather which is incredibly durable. 

Avoid non-pet-friendly fabrics such as velvet that are not scratch-resistant and can be easily damaged by your pet’s claws. Instead, opt for pet-friendly materials like microfiber, leather, or denim that will stand up to wear and tear and don’t attract pet hair as quickly. 

Other pet-friendly fabrics, such as outdoor fabrics, are also encouraged because they are most likely made out of synthetic material with high stain resistance, making your pet’s fur easy to clean.

How to Choose the Best Pet-Friendly Furniture - The Basics

5.- Seams Matters in a performance fabric.

Pets love to chew on things, which means that any furniture with loose seams is at risk of being destroyed by your pet. Make sure to choose furniture with tight, well-sewn seams to prevent your pet from wrecking it.

6.- Frame Matters when choosing a chase sectional.

The frame of your furniture is essential to consider both for your pet’s sake and for the longevity of the table itself. Avoid flimsy structures that could easily be knocked over by your pet, and opt for sturdier options instead. Features like metal legs in furniture are beneficial because they’re not as easily scratched or damaged as wooden legs. For example, metal table legs are an excellent choice for dining tables or coffee tables.

7.- Decor Matters when you choose a sofa couch. 

When it comes to pet-friendly furniture, even the decor matters; avoid sharp or pointy objects that could injure your dog, and opt for pet-safe decorations instead. This includes throw pillows and blankets that can be easily chewed or shredded by your pet. Also, avoid decor items that have creases and might catch pet hair and dirt.

8.- Plants in you living room Matter. 

It is important to be mindful when selecting plants for a pet-friendly home. Many common household plants are actually toxic to pets, so it is essential to double-check if the chosen plants are safe for them.

Avoid hazardous plants that could harm your beloved furry friends, and create a safe living environment for your pets and plants. To find more pet-friendly houseplants, consider researching their safety and toxicity levels and which type of humidity, temperature, and light setting they flourish in. Many helpful guides can be found online that discuss these matters, as well as tips on how to care for your plant properly and where to buy affordable houseplants. If you still have any questions, please contact a certified horticulturist who can assist with picking the perfect spot for your houseplant and getting rid of those pesky pests.

9.- Texture Matters

When it comes to pet-friendly furniture, texture matters; avoid fabrics that are rough or prickly, as they can be uncomfortable for your pet. Instead, opt for softer fabrics like microfiber or denim that will be gentle on your pet’s skin.

10.- Color Matters

Last but not least, the color of your furniture matters. Dark colors can be challenging to keep clean, so opt for lighter colors instead. This will help prevent pet hair from becoming embedded in the fabric and making it difficult to remove.

How to Choose the Best Pet-Friendly Furniture - The Basics


Are you looking to make your home more pet-friendly? Installing the right furniture can make a world of difference. Sofas, sectionals, couches, and chaise sectionals can help create the perfect spot for your furry friends. But why should you choose pet-friendly furniture? Here are some reasons why pet-friendly furniture is a great choice: Comfort and Durability, Easy Cleaning, and Stylish Options.

Pet-friendly furniture is designed to stand up to heavy use. Performance fabrics like microfiber or leather are durable enough to handle frequent use by animals while still being comfortable enough for humans. 

In addition, pet-friendly fabrics are often stain-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about accidents from pets or kids ruining your couch. Most pet-friendly upholstery can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth or an upholstery cleaner if necessary. 

This makes keeping your living room looking great much easier than it would be with traditional fabrics that may require professional cleaning to get rid of stains and odors.

You don’t have to sacrifice style for durability when choosing pet-friendly furniture. Plenty of stylish options are available, such as leather and sleeper sofas in modern designs. Plus, selecting the right fabric means you can pick the best colors and patterns suited for both you and your pets!

 Overall, investing in pet-friendly furniture is an important consideration if you want a living space that’s both functional and comfortable for everyone in your household – humans included! 

From performance fabrics that are easy to clean to stylish design options, there’s no reason not to choose pet-friendly furniture over traditional pieces when it comes time to redecorate or upgrade your living room space!

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How to Choose the Best Pet-Friendly Furniture - The Basics
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