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Havenly, the Best Pet-Friendly Online Interior Design Platform

havenly pet friendly
Havenly, the Best Pet-Friendly Online Interior Design Platform.

Meet the Author and Your Future Designer: Julio Arco is a passionate architect with years of experience in architecture, interior design, urban design, and housing. He studied at prestigious universities across North America and Europe. 


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Havenly, the Best Pet-Friendly Online Interior Design Platform.

Havenly – Online Interior Design Platform – Introduction Video

The easiest way to design a beautiful home while considering your pet too! 

If you are a pet owner looking for a fresh, new look for your home but don’t have the time or patience to go through the hassle of finding dog-friendly furniture and working with an interior designer in-person, then online interior design is definitely the way to go. And if you’re looking for the best option, then Havenly is definitely your best bet.

Additionally, If you’re like most pet owners, you want your furry friend to be able to feel comfortable and at home in your home. That’s why it’s important to consider pet-friendly furniture and design tips and tricks when you’re decorating or remodeling your space.

You might think of interior design services as something that can only be done by hiring expensive professional designers, then you are up for a surprise! Thanks to online platforms like Havenly, anyone can get the interior design help they need – without spending a fortune.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at five reasons why Havenly is the best online interior design platform, as well as how the design process works. So if you’re considering updating your home décor but don’t know where to start, keep reading!

Havenly, the Best Pet-Friendly Online Interior Design Platform.

Here are the Five Reasons for choosing Havenly for your pet-friendly online interior design project!

1. Havenly has a team of pet-friendly designers with years of experience in online interior design service.

When it comes to finding an online designer who understands how to create a pet-friendly space, you can’t go wrong with Havenly. With hundreds of online interior designers on staff, Havenly has someone with the perfect expertise for your needs. And because all of their designers have years of experience in the interior design field and in the online interior design process, you can trust that your home will be in good hands.

“Havenly has been a total lifesaver for me! I’m not very crafty and was struggling to find an online interior design platform that had designers with multiple areas of expertise. I also needed help finding dog-friendly furniture and fabrics, which is something Havenly specializes in.” – Sarah H., pet owner, and Havenly customer.

2. The online platform offers a wide range of online interior design services, including pet-friendly design consultations and great interior designer availability.

If you’re looking for help finding pet-friendly furniture and design solutions, Havenly is the perfect online platform for you. In addition to their team of experienced pet-friendly designers, they also offer a wide range of services that can help make your home look amazing. This includes consultations with one of their designers, as well as access to hundreds of brands that offer pet-friendly furniture and décor.

“I was really happy with how my consultation went with Havenly – my designer was able to give me some great tips on how to make my home more pet-friendly without spending a fortune.” – Leslie W., pet owner and Havenly customer.

3. The online platform is more affordable than you think – and it’s definitely more affordable than hiring an in-person interior designer.

Thanks to online platforms like Havenly, interior design doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, in many cases, it’s actually more affordable than you think. And when you compare the cost of hiring an online interior designer from Havenly to the cost of hiring an in-person interior designer, there is no comparison.

“Hiring an online interior designer was a lot more affordable than I thought it would be. Plus, I liked the idea of being able to work with a designer from the comfort of my own home.” – Kristin D., pet owner, and Havenly customer.

4. Havenly works with hundreds of brands, some of which offer pet-friendly fabrics for furniture.

When it comes to finding the perfect furniture and décor for your pet-friendly home, Havenly has you covered. They work with hundreds of brands, many of which offer pet-friendly fabrics and solutions. This means that you’ll be able to find everything you need – and then some – right on our platform.

“I was really happy with the variety of brands that Havenly works with. I was able to find a lot of great pet-friendly furniture and accessories that I wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise.” – Leslie W., pet owner and Havenly customer.

5. The online platform is easy to use, and you can get started in minutes!

Havenly is one of the easiest online platforms to use. In fact, you can be up and running in minutes! All you need to do is create an account, choose a designer, and start working on your project. It’s that easy.

“The Havenly platform was really easy to use. I was able to get started right away and my designer gave me clear instructions on what I needed to do.” – Sarah H., pet owner and Havenly customer.

Havenly, the Best Pet-Friendly Online Interior Design Platform.

How does online interior design compare to traditional interior design?

Online interior design is becoming more and more popular, thanks to the convenience and affordability of online platforms like Havenly. In contrast to traditional interior design, online interior design allows you to work with a designer from the comfort of your own home. You can also choose from a wider range of services, including pet-friendly consultations.

Additionally, online interior design is more affordable than traditional interior design – in many cases, it’s even more affordable than hiring an in-person interior designer.

Finally, online interior design is easy to use, and you can get started in minutes! If you’re looking for an online platform that offers all of these benefits, look no further than Havenly.

Havenly, the Best Pet-Friendly Online Interior Design Platform.

What’s Havenly’s design process?

1.- Choosing a Mini or a Full Design Package.

There are two packages to choose from, the Mini or the Full. The only difference between the two is that the Full Package includes a custom design, space planning, a layout, and renderings, and the Mini includes everything up to a Concept design, which is still a great option if you only need some final touches. 

2.- Filling up your Profile and virtual consultation.

Once you pick a Package, you’ll take the style quiz to give you and your online interior designer an idea of your design style and the designs you like the most. 

The next part of the style quiz will help you fill up your profile with information such as your budget, where you live, if you are a renter or owner, and a few timeline questions. Additionally, you’ll need to upload a few photos of the room to be designed as well as a floor plan or a hand-drawn floor plan of your room with dimensions. You’ll also be asked for inspiration images and for your Pinterest boards for design inspiration and furniture layout ideas.

You’ll also get to pick items and pieces of furniture you are looking for in your room as well as if you have any existing furniture you’d like to keep. It’s a very easy-to-follow style quiz, so don’t worry.

Havenly, the Best Pet-Friendly Online Interior Design Platform.

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change. 

3 .- Choosing your own designer

Afterward, you’ll get to choose your own experienced designer or you can choose to be paired with one of the hundreds of vetted designers that understand your design style to begin your project who will then welcome you within 1 business day and will work on 3 initial idea boards with a few items to get the design started within 2 days. 

Havenly, the Best Pet-Friendly Online Interior Design Platform.

4 .- Design Ideas Phase

Once you get those idea boards, you’ll get to rate them, provide feedback, as well as to like or dislike each individual item. In case these designs don’t match your style preferences and you don’t like any of the initial idea designs, your designer will work on a new one, following your feedback and insight. Speaking of which, feedback is very important, so be as thorough and precise as possible!

Havenly, the Best Pet-Friendly Online Interior Design Platform.
Havenly, the Best Pet-Friendly Online Interior Design Platform.
Havenly, the Best Pet-Friendly Online Interior Design Platform.

5.- Design Concepts Phase

Once you’ve approved one of the idea boards, the designer will work on two initial Concepts in which you’ll start seeing how the design is taking shape. At this phase, you’ll see most of the items you requested as well as some additional pieces your designer might suggest. You’ll also get alternate items for most if not all of the core furniture you requested, so you’ll have plenty of curated options to choose from.

After reviewing the two initial design concepts, and giving feedback to your designer, you’ll get a revised design Concept based on your comments to fine-tune the design specifically for your needs. Once you’ve approved the Concept, it’s time for the Final Design.

If you selected a Mini Package, you’ll get a Final Concept and an online shopping list with all of the important items and furniture you’ve chosen for your personalized design.

Havenly, the Best Pet-Friendly Online Interior Design Platform.

6.- Final Room Design

Once you’ve nailed the design and approved all the furniture, your Havenly designer will work on creating a final design and a custom floor plan layout including a furniture layout using the floor plan you provided and will include all the items you’ve selected and will create a couple of renderings for you to visualize the design in your room. You’ll be impressed by the level of detail you’ll get! At this point, you have everything ready to make your design come to life! The final stage of this online interior design process is to shop, which in my opinion, is the best part!

7.- Shopping time!

Finally, you’ll get a curated online shopping list with all the core pieces you’ve selected for your custom online interior design as well as some alternate options in case you want to change up some things. The beauty of it is that you can shop in one place for hundreds of products of multiple brands, and they’ll take care of everything for you! Even if there is an issue with your item, they’ll handle all the return process, making the whole experience easier for you! And of course, even after the design process is complete, your designer will still be available for some final changes if needed and you’ll be done with this amazing online interior design process.


Making your home look stylish and inviting can be overwhelming, and it often requires hours of research, planning, and coordination with interior designers. With the emergence of online interior design services, however, homeowners now have more options than ever when it comes to making their homes beautiful. 

By leveraging the knowledge and expertise of professional interior designers, online interior design services such as Havenly can help you create and customize stylish interiors without breaking the bank.

When it comes to online interior design, Havenly is one of the most popular services on the market. The service provides customers with access to talented interior designers who offer personalized advice tailored to each customer’s style preferences and budget. Through Havenly’s online platform, customers are able to receive custom floor plans and unique design ideas that minimize costs while maximizing value.

Whether you’re looking for ways to update your space without spending too much or trying to find a way to incorporate high-end designer pieces into a budget-friendly plan, online interior design services offer an array of options for any homeowner looking for help in designing their home. 

Plus, by working directly with experienced professionals through these services, homeowners gain invaluable insights into how each choice impacts their overall space plan and how they can work within their existing style parameters while staying on budget. 

So if you’re ready to get started on your online interior design project and virtually decorate your home, what are you waiting for? Get started today! You can click this link and get 25% off y our first project!

Havenly, the Best Pet-Friendly Online Interior Design Platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Havenly work with certain brands?

Havenly has a curated list of high-quality vendors, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best products for your home. Having said that, Havenly works with brands you love such as Crate and Barrel, CB2, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Restoration Hardware, and some brands that offer affordable options such as Wayfair, The Home Depot, among others.

Do you get discounts?

Yes! In addition to honoring sales and discounts the vendors might offer, Havenly often runs sales of their own – up to 20% off. Which you won’t find anywhere else!

What’s their happiness guarantee?

If you’re unsatisfied with your design at any point, we’ll match you with a new designer, or offer you a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

How long does it take?

Depending on how engaged you are in the design process, it can take about a week to finish a design, but it can also take two to three weeks if you want to take your time.

Is it worth it?

Yes, it is totally worth it and you should hire a Havenly designer today! If you click here, you’ll get 25% off!

If you want some Tips and Tricks to update your room yourself, read our 17 Interior Design Tips for a Pet-Friendly home Article.

Hire an Online Interior Designer at Havenly

There are several online interior design websites, but Havenly is your best option to hire from a robust list of interior designers that will help you in decorating and creating the perfect dog-friendly home. When you sign up for Havenly, you will take a short quiz about your design style and what you are looking for in a designer. Havenly will then match you with a designer who will help you select paint colors, furniture, and accessories that are both stylish and safe for your furry friend.

In addition, your Havenly designer will be able to provide tips on how to create a space that is both comfortable for your dog and inviting for guests. With Havenly, creating a beautiful and functional home that your dog will love is easy and stress-free.

Click here if you want to learn more about Havenly or book an interior designer and get 25% off your design package if you click here!


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