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How to Design a Perfect Gypsy Bohemian Living Room – 12 Tips

How to Design a Bohemian Style Room

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How to Design a Perfect Gypsy Bohemian Living Room - 12 Tips

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How to Design a Perfect Gypsy Bohemian Living Room - 12 Tips

Gypsy Bohemian Interior Design – Introduction Video 

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What Is Gypsy Bohemian Style Interior Design?

Gypsy Bohemian interior design is a style that is all about making a statement with your space. It is about being eclectic and unique and about throwing off the old, stale conventions of standard interior decoration.

This Gypsy-style decor is characterized by a love of vivacious color palettes, unique textiles, and bold patterns. This style of design celebrates excess and promotes individual expression via the careful curation and layered display of fabrics, artworks, and decorative artifacts from other cultures.

If you want to create a gypsy bohemian-style living room in your home, you should keep a few things in mind. First, don’t be afraid to mix and match different elements. This is what makes the gypsy bohemian vibes so unique and interesting.

Second, use bold colors and patterns to create an eye-catching look. And finally, remember to fill your space with items that represent your own personal style and taste. By following these simple tips, you can easily create a gypsy-style decor oasis in your home that is both stylish and inviting.

How to Design a Perfect Gypsy Bohemian Living Room - 12 Tips

Courtesy of Houzz – Shop this look at Havenly

The Beginnings of Gypsy Bohemian Style 

The term “bohemian” has a long and complex history. It is derived from the French word “bohémiens,” which originally referred to the Romani people of Paris. This group was mistakenly thought to be from Bohemia, an ancient area that is now the Czech Republic.

Over time, the definition of the word shifted to include anyone who was considered an outsider or traveler. In the early 1800s, this term was used as a derogatory name for the Romani population. However, in recent years, the meaning of “bohemian” has changed once again.

It is now used to describe styles of interior decoration that are atypical, eclectic, and free-form in nature. This new definition reflects the growing trend of people who embrace non-traditional lifestyles and design choices.

How to Design a Perfect Gypsy Bohemian Living Room - 12 Tips

Courtesy of Houzz – Shop this look at Havenly

12 Essential Characteristics of a Gypsy Bohemian Living Room

Although there is a lot of leeway within this style of decoration, a few key elements can be applied to any area to make it seem more at home in this category.

1.- Eclectic color palettes

This look can be achieved by mixing different colors, textures, and patterns together. When it comes to choosing a color palette for your space, there are endless possibilities. To create a gypsy living room, go for dark boho decor mixed with bold and vibrant colors or opt for more earthy tones.

You can also mix and match different jewel tones to create a rich and luxurious feel. If you’re not sure where to start, try hanging some macrame or tapestries in your space. These pieces are perfect for adding color and texture to any room.

And don’t be afraid to experiment with different dyes and fabrics to create one-of-a-kind pieces that will really make your space pop.

How to Design a Perfect Gypsy Bohemian Living Room - 12 Tips

Courtesy of Houzz – Shop this look at Havenly

2.- Mismatched Textiles and Patterns

Bohemian gypsy decor is all about mixing and matching a wide variety of textures, patterns, and colors. The look is often eclectic because it breaks all the traditional design rules.

This might include pairing a bold floral wallpaper with a bohemian green couch or combining different patterned fabrics in one room. When it comes to materials, boho style is just as varied.

Other popular choices include burlap, silks, chenille, sisal, and crushed velvet. Mix and match these different elements until you create a look that feels truly unique.

How to Design a Perfect Gypsy Bohemian Living Room - 12 Tips

Courtesy of Houzz – Shop this look at Havenly

3.- Global Influences

Gypsy decor ideas are heavily influenced by a number of different cultures from around the globe. Bohemianism is often associated with counterculture movements in Europe and North America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when artists and writers rejected conventional diet plans and embraced an unconventional lifestyle.

Bohemianism has been linked to a number of international influences, including Romani culture, Middle Eastern cuisine, and Eastern European folk music. Today, gypsy style decor often incorporates elements from a variety of global cultures, making it one of the most diverse and unique styles available.

How to Design a Perfect Gypsy Bohemian Living Room - 12 Tips

Courtesy of Houzz – Shop this look at Havenly

4.- Weathered and Organic

Creating a Gypsy living room is about being unique and creative with your space. One way to achieve this look is by incorporating weathered and organic pieces into your decor. Sculptures, paintings, ceramics, and carpets that are one of a kind can add character and depth to your space.

So don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures, colors, and patterns. You can create a truly one-of-a-kind home by incorporating weathered and organic pieces into your gypsy-style decor living room.

How to Design a Perfect Gypsy Bohemian Living Room - 12 Tips

Courtesy of Houzz – Shop this look at Havenly

5.- Houseplants

Houseplants are one of the most unique and creative ways to add life and personality to your home. The perfect houseplant adds a burst of color, provides visual interest, and also purifies the air while uplifting your mood.

One of the best things you can do before bringing a houseplant into your home is to consider where the perfect spot for it is: sunlight or shade, humidity levels, soil type- all these factors go into deciding what type of plant will thrive in each space.

You’ll also want to take safety precautions for any pets you have to ensure that none of your plants are toxic. For any other houseplant needs like setting up humidifiers, purchasing grow lights, or adjusting indoor lighting- there are endless solutions out there!

Investing in caring for and arranging houseplants properly will ensure a cheerful atmosphere in your home all year round, no matter how gypsy the vibe!

Or, if you prefer something a bit more traditional, opt for a pet-friendly indoor tree. No matter what your style, there’s sure to be a plant that’s perfect for you.

How to Design a Perfect Gypsy Bohemian Living Room - 12 Tips

Courtesy of Houzz – Shop this look at Havenly

6.- Lounging Furniture

Bohemian living room furniture is often low to the ground and crafted from natural materials. It is also usually adorned with soft cushions and blankets, making it ideal for resting.

You can easily find a green couch or a bohemian style boho accent chairs in these living rooms Additionally, you’ll also encounter popular design trends such as chaise lounges, rattan furniture, mid-century coffee tables, Moroccan poufs, and some dark boho decor accents to contrast the overall design. 

It’s worth mentioning that if you have pets, there are some creative ways you can protect your furniture from your furry friends. One way to do this is to use slipcovers on your couch or chairs.

Slipcovers can be easily removed for cleaning, and they will protect your furniture from pet hair and dirt. Another option is to use throws or blankets on your furniture. Throws and blankets can add color and texture to your gypsy living room, and they can also be used to protect your furniture from pets.

Whatever methods you choose, make sure to enjoy your space with your fur babies by your side.

How to Design a Perfect Gypsy Bohemian Living Room - 12 Tips

Courtesy of Houzz – Shop this look at Havenly

7.- Ambient lighting

Boho decor and interior design are all about creating a relaxed and comfortable ambiance. Candles, lanterns, and table lamps are perfect for achieving this look as they provide a soft and flattering light. 

Another great way to add ambient lighting is by using a chandelier or pendant light. These showy lights will add a touch of glamour to your dark boho living room. By balancing out with cozy, natural furnishings, a showy living room chandelier or contemporary pendant light can really work well in your house.

8.- Low-Lying Furniture

Incorporating low-lying furniture into your home is a great way to make it look more inviting and stylish. For instance, bohemian green couches with no backs can add a comforting atmosphere, which can be paired perfectly with soft throw blankets and poufs as boho accent chairs.

If you choose to take a seat on the floor, take care of your houseplants by adding a plush rug underfoot, along with plenty of cushions in different shapes and sizes to make sure everyone’s comfortable. You should also take into account the size of the rug and the design – it’s possible to layer rugs or pick ones that match one another.

If you have hardwood flooring, pet-friendly rugs that are easy to clean like wool are also an option. Finally, if you’re struggling with an awkward room layout, take advantage of unique floor patterns as dynamic elements for your home.

How to Design a Perfect Gypsy Bohemian Living Room - 12 Tips

Courtesy of Houzz – Shop this look at Havenly

9.- Distressed Furniture and Fabrics

One of the best ways to achieve this look is by using distressed furniture and fabrics. These items have a sense of history and story about them, which instantly adds flavor and charm to any room.

Gypsy-style decor is all about well-loved objects that seem like they were acquired from a far-flung market in an exotic destination, so it’s essential that the materials and furnishings you use have the appearance of having lived a life before arriving in your house.

The more seductive a design seems, the better, even in the tiniest of eclectic settings, so go for items that look to have a personal history to them (even if you bought them up at a neighborhood sale and have no clue where they originated from).

Remember that distressed furniture can easily be found at flea markets and antique stores. You can create your own distressed pieces by sanding down wood furniture or adding fabric dyes or washes to upholstery.

How to Design a Perfect Gypsy Bohemian Living Room - 12 Tips

Courtesy of Houzz – Shop this look at Havenly

10.- Metallics And Mirrors

Another way to achieve this look is by incorporating metallics and mirrors into your decor. Metallics add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any room. At the same time, mirrors help to make the space seem brighter and bigger.

11.- Layers

Gypsy style decor emphasizes natural and handcrafted materials and dark boho decor items that are unique, creative, and sometimes even eccentric.

This type of design often includes layers of different colors, textures, and patterns. Rugs, throw pillows, and throws are all fair game for layering up your space in this fashion. So feel free to create a bold statement by stacking one, two, or even three rugs of contrasting colors, materials, and patterns.

You may further emphasize the laid-back feel design by Layering pillows and rugs. If you have pets, you can even use pet-friendly fabrics to give your furniture and décor an extra twist. 

How to Design a Perfect Gypsy Bohemian Living Room - 12 Tips

Courtesy of Houzz – Shop this look at Havenly

12.- Use Artistic Accents 

Even if you haven’t had the opportunity to travel the world and collect souvenirs, visit a local antique shop or flea market. You’ll be surprised at what you can find. Just be sure to choose pet-friendly fabrics and materials that won’t damage your floors or furniture. 

How to Design a Perfect Gypsy Bohemian Living Room - 12 Tips

Courtesy of Houzz – Shop this look at Havenly

Design a Gypsy Bohemian Living Room – FAQ

What are the main key points to a gypsy bohemian style decor?

Focus on items that look like they have a personal history and mix different bright colors, textures, and patterns. You can also incorporate metallics and mirrors to make the space seem brighter and bigger.

How can I make my boho living room space look more personal?

To make your living room more personal, consider adding layers of different colors, textures, and patterns. Bohemian-style rooms tend to also incorporate Moroccan-inspired lanterns and lamps.

What type of art is best for a dark boho living room?

For artistic accents for your dark boho decor, look for unusual artworks that reflect your unique taste and personality. You can find these types of pieces at local antique shops or flea markets.

What are the key colors for boho-style decor?

You can mix and match bright colors over a neutral color palette aor even dark boho decor. 

What other design style works well with dark boho decor?

Boho home decor works well with other design styles such as vintage, shabby chic, and global. You can mix and match different pieces to create a look that is uniquely your own.

Is gypsy bohemian decorating complicated?

Boho interiors can be as complicated or as simple as you want them to be. If you’re just starting out, consider adding a few Bohemian-inspired pieces to your boho rooms and consider some vintage rugs.

How to Design a Perfect Gypsy Bohemian Living Room - 12 Tips

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