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What to do With a Second Living Room – 10 Ideas

What to do With a Second Living Room Bonus Living Room Design Ideas for Your Home's Flex Space
What to do With a Second Living Room - 10 Ideas

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What to do With a Second Living Room - 10 Ideas

Bonus Room; Living Design Ideas for Your Home’s Flex Space – Introduction Video

Are you lucky enough to have the luxury of a second living room in your home? Whether it’s connected to your main living area or located on another floor, having a bonus space can offer you more flexibility and options for how you use your home.

With that extra square footage comes many possibilities – from creating an inviting guest room or a cozy game/tv room to expanding the current living area. No matter what design ideas are top-of-mind for your new bonus space, we’ve got plenty of tips & tricks to help turn it into the perfect fit for both functionality and unique style. Read on to find out how easy it is with just these few simple steps! 

What to do With a Second Living Room - 10 Ideas

1.- Transform your second living room into a relaxing lounge, the perfect place to entertain guests with plush seating, throw pillows, and calming music.

Transform your second living room into a relaxing lounge to create an oasis of calm right in the heart of your home. With plush seating, cozy throw pillows, and some calming music, it can be the perfect place to entertain guests or have a peaceful moment for yourself.

Incorporate stylish design details like woven baskets containing blankets and scented candles, along with plenty of natural light and accessories reflective of your own personal style.

Making extra use of wall space is also key; think art prints, window frames, shelves, or even a gallery wall displaying your favorite photos and memories. Transform this additional space into something special you won’t want to leave!

What to do With a Second Living Room - 10 Ideas

2.- Create a formal living space with elegant furniture, chandeliers or wall sconces, rugs, and curtains to give your second living room a luxurious feel.

Looking for dazzling design ideas to make your second living room a unique flex space? Create a formal living space with luxurious furniture, such as velvety upholstered chairs and marble tables, for a cohesive look.

Add some shimmer and glimmer with chandeliers or wall sconces in the center of the room. Create interest and add detail with matching rugs that tie into the main theme of the living room and beautiful curtains in luxuriously thick fabric hanging on each side of the windows.

What to do With a Second Living Room - 10 Ideas

3.- Transform the extra living room into a formal dining room with sleek furnishings and timeless decors, like china cabinets and wall art.

Transform the second living room into an awe-inspiring formal dining room featuring sleek furnishings and timeless decor. Transform your space with a modern four-seater dining table surrounded by exquisite china cabinets to store fine china.

A few pieces of wall art can then help to complete the look, creating a true dining experience for you and your visitors that will never go out of style. With such stylish and functional design ideas for your home flex space, you’ll be on your way to achieving an entirely refreshed atmosphere.

What to do With a Second Living Room - 10 Ideas

4.- Create a creative formal living space with eclectic furniture, bold colors, patterned rugs, and eye-catching accents to give your second living room a unique personality.

Create a statement-making formal living area with furniture pieces that surprise and make an impact. Utilize unexpected fabric combinations, bold colors, and patterned rugs to ensure your second living room looks as unique as the rest of your home.

Create a vibrant environment with eye-catching accents that speak to the fun nature of your space. You can further customize by introducing bold patterns, art pieces, or wallpapers in striking colors like teal or emerald green for a special touch that will make the difference between another boring lounge area and an inspired concept sure to engage family and friends alike.

Whether you’re looking for a space to entertain guests, unwind after work or find solace in small moments of relaxation, this is the perfect opportunity to show your true creativity!

What to do With a Second Living Room - 10 Ideas

5.- Turn your second living room into an extra bedroom for overnight guests, with a fold-out couch or daybed and inviting linens.

Turn your second living room into something special! Turn it from a forgotten space to the perfect place for overnight guests to stay. With a fold-out couch or daybed and inviting linens, you can have them feel welcome in no time.

You can also mix cozy fabrics, like chenille throws and velvet cushions, to create an inviting yet formal atmosphere – perfect for entertaining family or friends. If you’re not using the space often enough, turn it into an inviting reading nook with comfortable armchairs and plenty of novels.

What to do With a Second Living Room - 10 Ideas

6.- Create a cozy game/tv room for family movie nights and video game tournaments, complete with comfortable seating and plenty of snacks!

Create a second living room that your family will love. Transform your flex space into the ultimate entertaining spot with comfortable seating, bright lighting, and plenty of snacks. Perfect for movie nights and intense video game tournaments, you can add throw pillows, rugs, game tables, and cabinets to complete the design.

Create a relaxing atmosphere by adding hanging pet-friendly plants, framed artwork, and colored accent walls – perfect for those moments when you only want to curl up on the couch and relax. Investing time in creating a memorable space will be worth it every time you see your family having a blast in their own personal living room!

What to do With a Second Living Room - 10 Ideas

7.- Make it an at-home office space to get some work done from the comfort of your own home, with a desk and plenty of storage.

Make your second living room into something special; an at-home office to get some work done from the comfort of your own home. Fully equip it with the necessary amenities, such as a desk and plenty of filing storage for documents, files, and books.

Make it look aesthetically pleasing and cozy with a plush rug, a comfy armchair, and a stylish pendant light. Add an accent wall for that extra wow factor, or hang up some stunning art pieces to reflect your personality.

Make it unique and personalized – choose small talk-worthy furniture pieces that you won’t find elsewhere, and be unconventional with textures and colors in this no-rules situation. Make it more than just another workspace – make it a space where you feel motivated and energized, welcoming comfort and creativity!

What to do With a Second Living Room - 10 Ideas

8.- Transform it into a reading nook with plenty of bookshelves, plush lounge chairs, or beanbag chairs to get lost in a good book!

Transform your extra living room into the perfect reading nook! Fill it with lots of bookshelves for easy book storage and comfortable corner chairs or beanbag chairs for a cozy environment. Get ready to dive into your favorite novels and escape reality.

Transform your living space into a place of solace for when life’s stressors pile up – settle in with blankets, coffee, and a captivating story. Whether you’re an avid reader or have just been meaning to get started on that big classic everyone has recommended: what better way than to nestle into the confines of a cozy reading nook in your very own home? Once you try out this bonus design idea, we guarantee that you won’t regret it!

What to do With a Second Living Room - 10 Ideas

9.- Use it as an exercise room with floor mats, weights, yoga mats, jump ropes, and any other essential fitness items.

If you’re looking for creative design ideas for your extra living room, why not make it an exercise space? Outfit it with comfortable floor mats and all sorts of sports equipment, from weights to yoga mats, to get your heart rate pumping!

Throw in a jump rope or two and some other fitness essentials for an excellent full-body workout. With the right level of motivation, who knows: You could be rocking world-class abs right in the comfort of your own living space!

What to do With a Second Living Room - 10 Ideas

10.- Turn it into an art studio or crafting area to get creative, with tables and shelves to store your supplies and plenty of natural light.

Turn your bonus living room into an art studio or crafting area, and get creative! Equip your space with tables, shelves, and other storage areas to organize your supplies. Make sure plenty of natural light is adequate for brightening your ideas.

Turn this space into a place to express yourself; keep the door open if you’d like others to join in on your projects. Art loses its beauty when made just for oneself. Sometimes, the collaborations with those around us bring out the full emotions of project-making.

Make the most of this newfound flex space: bring friends together, explore more hobbies and reclaim a part of your home as yours – be as daring as your craft!

What to do With a Second Living Room - 10 Ideas

Second Living Room – FAQ

What is a second living room?

A second living room is an extra lounge or formal living space, which can also double as a formal dining room or creative workspace.

What are some living room ideas for decorating my second living space?

You can make it an at-home office to get work done, transform it into a reading nook with plenty of bookshelves and lounge chairs, use it as an exercise room with floor mats and weights, turn it into an art studio or crafting area to get creative and express yourself or make the most of this newfound flex space by hosting friends for collaborative projects.

How do I choose furniture for my second living room?

Choose furniture pieces that reflect your personality and talk-worthy features that you won’t find elsewhere in order to make the space unique and personalized. Consider textures, colors, accents, walls & lighting fixtures to help bring out the desired look & feel of your lounge area!

Are there any rules when decorating my 2nd living room?

Not really – you have full freedom to design the lounge however you would like; no rules apply here! Feel free to add any statement pieces, artwork, or furniture that speaks to you and reflects your style. The possibilities are endless!

How can I make my lounge space inviting?

Make sure to keep the lounge comfortable and clutter-free – arrange furniture in a way that’s easy to walk around, incorporate warm colors & cozy textures like velvet & knits, add soft accents like pillows and throws, use plenty of natural light and finish off with your favorite scents!

What to do With a Second Living Room - 10 Ideas

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