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How to Hang Unframed Art and Bring Charm to Your Space in 20 Creative Ways

How to Hang Unframed Art and Bring Charm to Your Space in 20 Creative Ways Guide to Hanging Unframed Artwork: Master the Art of Decor with Unique Pieces

Guide to Hanging Unframed Artwork: Master the Art of Decor with Unique Pieces

Embracing the artistic approach of decorating our living spaces often means daring to think outside the frame. As an experienced interior designer, I often find myself magnetized towards the charm and uniqueness that unframed art can bring to a space. 

Hanging unframed art, whether it be a canvas painting, a delicate art print, or even a cherished photograph, adds a particular essence of raw beauty to any room. The juxtaposition of the structured and the unstructured, the conventional and the unconventional, can lead to a breathtaking visual experience.

The art of hanging unframed art is a delightful endeavor, one that opens doors to showcasing unique pieces that truly speak to you. In my practice, I’ve seen how unframed art pieces can dramatically change the atmosphere of a room. One client had a beautiful but stark industrial-style room, with its raw, unfinished textures and minimalist palette. 

A large, vibrant unframed canvas painting hung on the main wall added a much-needed pop of color, providing contrast and becoming an eye-catching focal point. The result was a beautiful fusion of style and art, demonstrating the transformative power of unframed art. 

Here are 20 amazing ways to hang unframed art which I discussed with my client:

  1. Washi Tape: Adorn the borders of your artwork with vibrantly colored or patterned washi tape. It gives a casual and fun look, perfect for a kids’ room or a creative workspace.
  2. Clipboards: Clipboards allow you to easily change the artwork displayed. Just clip your artwork onto the board and hang the clipboard on the wall for an industrial, chic look.
  3. Clothespins and Wire: Stretch a wire across your wall and use clothespins to hang the artwork. This is a flexible method and can be easily adjusted to include new pieces or rearrange the existing ones.
  4. Decorative Hangers: This includes wooden or metal pants hangers which can hold the artwork from the top, adding an interesting element to your wall.
  5. Pegboards: Pegboards come with holes allowing for easy adjustments. Using hooks or clips, you can hang your art in various layouts, giving a dynamic and modern feel.
  6. Cork Boards: Pin your artwork onto a corkboard. You can create an inspiring collage of art, photos, and keepsakes, which can be changed or updated as often as you like.
  7. Picture Rails: Picture rails run along the top of your wall where you can hang art using strings. This creates a beautiful vintage look.
  8. Bookshelves: Lean your artwork on bookshelves. It adds an interesting layer to your display and allows for easy rotation of pieces.
  9. Easels: For larger artworks, an easel can be a good option. It makes your art a focal point and gives a gallery feel to your space.
  10. Floating Shelves: Install floating shelves to lean your art against the wall. This provides a sleek and modern look.
  11. Twine and Clips: Hang twine or a thin rope across the wall and use clips to hang your art. This adds a rustic charm to your decor.
  12. Magnetic Poster Hangers: These use magnets to securely grip your art at the top and bottom without causing any damage. They’re easy to use and give a clean, modern look.
  13. Binding Clips: These sturdy clips can hold your art and be hung directly onto nails in the wall. This gives an industrial edge to your decor.
  14. Decorative Tapestry Rods: Use these for larger artworks or textiles. They add a grand and ornate look to the space.
  15. Artist’s Easel: An artist’s easel can hold artwork and add a sophisticated touch to your decor. It can be a great conversation starter.
  16. Vinyl Wall Decals: Border your artwork with vinyl wall decals. It’s a creative way to “frame” your art without using a traditional frame.
  17. Plate Hangers: For round or unique-shaped artwork, plate hangers can be used to hang your pieces. This gives a quirky and unique touch to your wall decor.
  18. Vintage Ladders: Lean a vintage ladder against the wall and rest your artwork on the rungs. It adds a rustic and vintage vibe to your decor.
  19. String Lights: Clip your artwork to hanging string lights for a magical and whimsical feel, perfect for a cozy bedroom.
  20. Command Strips: These strips stick your artwork directly onto the wall. They’re damage-free and can be easily removed or adjusted, perfect for dorm rooms or rental homes.

There’s a multitude of methods and tools to hang unframed art—hanging display systems, clips, and even special art hangers can be used to mount your artworks securely and in an aesthetically pleasing manner. These display systems allow you to appreciate your art in its raw form while minimizing the risk of damage. The key is understanding what each piece needs to shine and the best position on the wall to hang it. 

Incorporating unframed art into your interior design is a process that goes hand in hand with your intuition and personal taste. But it also has its foundation in evidence-based design principles. The placement, size, and orientation of your artwork can greatly affect the balance, rhythm, and harmony of your space. For example, smaller pieces might work better in a gallery wall arrangement, while larger artworks could serve as standalone pieces.

In conclusion, the art of hanging unframed art lies in your ability to harmonize the unique piece with your space, allowing its charm to radiate. As you delve into this creative process, remember to trust your intuition, play with the possibilities, and allow your unframed art to redefine your space and tell its own story. 

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1. Transform Your Space: How to Display Watercolor Paintings Without a Frame

There’s something liberating about displaying watercolor paintings without a frame, it invites you to view the artwork in its purest form, unrestricted and unconfined. We understand that you cherish your watercolor paintings and value their aesthetic appeal. 

Just imagine the raw vibrancy of the colors in your watercolor art seeping into the atmosphere of your room, creating a distinct mood that reflects your unique personality. This is where the power of unframed artwork lies: in its ability to transform a space with unfiltered artistic energy.

One method is to simply use an easel, which is perfect for giving the illusion of a gallery within your own home. Alternatively, magnetic bars or art hanging rails can be installed at the top of your wall. These are ideal because they allow the freedom to change and move the paintings around without damaging the walls or the artwork. But remember, there’s no right or wrong way to display your watercolor paintings without a frame. It’s all about finding a method that suits your style and your space.

Your home tells your story, and the way you hang your artwork is a part of that narrative. Embrace the uniqueness of watercolor paintings and let their unrestricted beauty resonate in your space. Let your creativity flow and transform your space into an artist’s studio that inspires and sparks joy in you every day.

How to Hang Unframed Art and Bring Charm to Your Space in 20 Creative Ways

2. A Nail-Free Solution: How to Hang an Unframed Canvas Without Nails

We all have been there: standing before a bare wall, a piece of unframed canvas art in hand, and not wanting to reach for that hammer and nails. The thought of putting a hole in the wall (and possibly the art) can be nerve-racking. Luckily, there are innovative, nail-free solutions that respect both your artwork and your walls. 

Adhesive hanging strips or hooks have become the go-to solution for many. They’re easy to use, do not damage the wall, and are capable of securely hanging your unframed canvas. Another intriguing method is to use washi tape, a colorful and patterned tape that can add an extra dimension to your artwork. You can create an exciting border around your canvas, enhancing its visual appeal. 

However, one of the most creative and effective ways to hang an unframed canvas without nails is by using an art hanging system, where a rail is attached to the wall or ceiling, and wires or cords are used to suspend the artwork. This not only solves the nail problem, but also gives a sleek and modern appearance to your space. This is not merely a way to hang your art—it’s a way to add a distinctive touch of personality to your home.

How to Hang Unframed Art and Bring Charm to Your Space in 20 Creative Ways

3. A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Hang Rolled Canvas for an Artful Display

A rolled canvas can feel like a challenge. Its flexible nature means it requires careful handling, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less deserving of being proudly displayed on your wall. It might seem complicated, but with the right approach, you can easily create an artful display that brings life to your space.

Start by gently unrolling your canvas. Take your time; the canvas has been in a rolled state for a while, and it needs to adapt gradually to being laid flat. Once it’s flat, consider using canvas stretching bars to give your artwork some rigidity. Stretching your canvas not only prepares it for hanging but also enhances the artwork’s durability and visual impact.

After stretching the canvas, the next step is to decide how you want to hang it. This is where your personal taste comes into play. You could opt for a simple wire at the back, an adhesive hook, or an art hanging system. Alternatively, you can also use canvas clips that pinch onto the top edge of the canvas, leaving the majority of the art free-hanging for a casual, gallery-style look. These clips provide a non-invasive way of hanging the canvas and can be easily removed or repositioned as needed. 

You’re not merely hanging a piece of rolled canvas. You’re creating a statement, a testament to your refined taste and love for art. The process can be fulfilling, especially once you step back to see your favorite piece of art transforming your space into a personal gallery.  

How to Hang Unframed Art and Bring Charm to Your Space in 20 Creative Ways

4. Mastering the Art of Decor: How to Hang Unframed Canvas Art in Your Home

There’s something incredibly enticing about the raw edges of an unframed canvas. Its simplicity and authenticity bring an organic aesthetic that framed art sometimes can’t offer. Hanging unframed canvas art isn’t just about nailing it to a wall; it’s a creative expression, an artistic endeavor that requires attention to detail and an appreciation for the art’s inherent beauty.

Consider using a gallery hanging system for a professional and clean look. Such systems offer the freedom to change and adjust your display without worrying about wall damage or uneven positioning. Another way to hang unframed canvas art is by using adhesive hooks or strips. These are particularly handy if you’re a renter or simply do not want to make holes in your wall. 

In a more unconventional yet delightful approach, consider draping your unframed canvas over a decorative ladder or a vintage wooden easel. This not only showcases your art but also creates an eclectic, bohemian vibe. Above all, remember to hang your canvas at the right height. 

The general rule is to display the center of the artwork at eye level. This way, you and your guests can fully appreciate the beauty of your unframed canvas art. By mastering these techniques, you’ll be able to turn your home into a dynamic gallery, brimming with personality and artistic charm.

How to Hang Unframed Art and Bring Charm to Your Space in 20 Creative Ways

5. Modern Decorating Ideas: How to Hang an Unframed Canvas for a Minimalist Look

As we navigate the waves of modern minimalist decor, one can’t help but appreciate the bold statement that an unframed canvas can make. Stripped of elaborate frames and matting, unframed canvas art offers a raw, unadulterated view of the art, making it a perfect fit for a minimalist aesthetic.

One of the simplest yet most visually striking ways to hang an unframed canvas is by using a magnetic poster hanger. It’s a modern take on the traditional picture frame, involving two wooden strips embedded with magnets. The strips clamp securely at the top and bottom of your canvas, allowing it to hang naturally and without any distraction.

Alternatively, opt for an art hanging system for a sleek, modern look. This method provides flexibility and ease, allowing you to adjust the positioning of your artwork without damaging your walls. For those seeking a more unorthodox display, consider hanging your canvas from the ceiling using durable wire or cord. This floating display adds an unexpected element to your space, sparking intrigue and conversation.

However you choose to hang your unframed canvas, remember that the aim is to enhance the artwork itself, not overshadow it. Minimalism thrives on simplicity and functionality, so let the art take center stage. By incorporating these modern hanging methods, you can create a minimalist look that resonates with your individual style and enhances the art you love. 

How to Hang Unframed Art and Bring Charm to Your Space in 20 Creative Ways

Final Thoughts

As we reflect on the adventurous journey of hanging unframed art, we’re reminded that art, in its purest form, is a raw reflection of our thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Every piece of art, unframed or not, brings a unique aura, a captivating dialogue that resonates within the spaces they inhabit. Therefore, understanding how to hang unframed art, and doing it right, is just as important as choosing the art itself.

Your walls are the canvas of your home, and hanging art transforms these walls into personal galleries. Each artwork you hang adds a new dimension to your story, a new chapter to your journey. This is not simply about hanging a print or painting on a wall. It’s a creative exploration, a marriage between art and space, generating a visual feast that engulfs you every time you step into the room. 

Your art’s unframed form carries with it an unrestricted freedom, a sense of intimacy that invites viewers to connect on a deeper level. The raw edges, the untouched canvas, the sheer authenticity—it all contributes to an organic aesthetic that framed art sometimes can’t capture. This authenticity, this ‘art in the raw,’ transforms spaces into experiences and echoes your aesthetic sensibilities.

Art prints, paintings, and images—we hang them all with care, passion, and precision. We use art hangers, hooks, and clips, alongside more inventive techniques like hanging display systems and magnetic poster hangers, to show off our unframed treasures without causing any damage to the art or the wall. Whether it’s a cherished art print by Danielle Krieger or a spectacular canvas from a garage sale, each piece deserves the perfect spot on your wall, an altar that elevates its beauty and meaning.

The act of hanging unframed art requires more than just tools—it demands an artistic sensibility and a careful understanding of the space. The wall, the lighting, the surrounding décor—everything plays a part in creating the ideal environment for your unframed art. As experts in interior design, we guide you through this process, offering practical advice and creative solutions, ensuring that every piece of unframed artwork you hang adds value to your decor, stirs your emotions, and sparks meaningful conversations.

When you shop for artwork or choose from your own collection, keep in mind that every unframed piece carries potential. The potential to transform a dull wall into a vibrant display, to turn an empty corner into a creative hotspot, to infuse a personal touch into a seemingly impersonal space. Art is more than decoration—it’s a reflection of your soul. And each time you hang unframed art in your home, you make a statement about who you are and what you love.

So, delve into the adventure of hanging unframed art. Experiment with styles, play with arrangements, switch up your displays. Don’t be afraid to trust your instincts and break a few ‘design rules.’ After all, in the realm of art and decor, it’s your vision that matters. 

Let’s paint our walls with the art we love, let’s turn our homes into galleries that speak volumes about our tastes. Let’s understand the art of hanging unframed art. After all, every wall is a blank canvas, waiting to be adorned with your personal touch!

Hang Unframed Art – FAQ

1. What are some creative ideas on how to hang unframed canvas art?

When it comes to hanging unframed canvas art, there are numerous imaginative ways to display your pieces. A popular method is using a hanging display system, which can be purchased at any art supply shop. With these systems, you simply attach hooks to your canvas and hang them on a wire or rail. Another fun idea is using binder clips or bulldog clips, attaching them to the top of your artwork and hanging them on nails or picture hangers. These methods maintain the focus on your art, showcasing the raw, unframed edges, and can add a unique, industrial touch to your display.

2. Could you guide me on how to hang an unframed canvas painting in a way that complements my decor?

Absolutely! First, consider the overall aesthetic of your space. If you have a minimalist or modern home, you may want to hang your unframed canvas painting directly on the wall using adhesive hooks, ensuring the artwork’s edges are aligned with other elements in the room. If your decor leans more eclectic or boho, consider suspending your painting using decorative ropes or chains from your local craft shop, adding a unique and creative twist.

3. I recently purchased some art prints. Do you have any tips on how to hang unframed art prints in a gallery-like arrangement?

Creating a gallery wall with unframed art prints can be an exciting task! Start by laying your prints on a large piece of paper on the floor. Play around with different arrangements – you could go for a uniform grid, or a more organic, eclectic layout. Once you’re happy with your layout, trace around each print on the paper and mark where the hangers should go. Transfer this paper to your wall, using it as a guide for where to place your picture hangers. Then, simply hang your prints on the wall. Remember, gallery walls thrive on variety, so don’t be afraid to mix sizes, orientations, and themes of your prints.

4. I have a large wall in my living room. What’s the best way to hang unframed wall art to create an impactful display?

For a large wall, you can create an eye-catching display by grouping your unframed wall art. Start with your largest piece or a cluster of medium-sized pieces at eye level, then arrange smaller pieces around it. Another option is to create a salon-style display, starting from the center and working your way out. You can also consider adding shelves or picture ledges and lean your artwork on them for a versatile, changeable display.

5. Can you suggest methods on how to hang an unframed painting securely, so it doesn’t fall?

Sure! To hang an unframed painting securely, you can use adhesive hooks or picture hangers rated for the weight of your painting. For heavier pieces, consider using a French cleat hanging system. This involves attaching two pieces of wood in an interlocking pattern, one on your wall and one on your painting, providing extra support. Another option is to use two hooks spaced apart on the wall to distribute the weight. Always ensure the hardware you’re using is suitable for the weight of your artwork to prevent any damage or falls.

6. I’m interested in creating a mixed wall of framed and unframed art. Can you guide me on how to hang art frames alongside unframed artwork?

Mixing framed and unframed art can create a dynamic, textured look. Start by hanging your larger pieces (both framed and unframed) at eye level. Then fill in the gaps with smaller pieces. Make sure to balance framed and unframed pieces across the wall to create a cohesive look.

7. I have an eclectic mix of artwork. How should I hang unframed artwork in a way that tells a cohesive story?

To hang a mix of unframed artwork in a cohesive way, consider arranging them by a common theme, color scheme, or artist. This could be a unifying factor and can help to bring your eclectic mix of artwork together. You can also consider creating a timeline or a visual story. Start with the earliest pieces or those that tell the beginning of a story, and arrange the rest chronologically. Don’t be afraid to play around with the arrangement until you feel like the story flows naturally.

8. I love the look of canvas art but am not sure how to hang it. Do you have any suggestions on how to hang unframed canvas on a wall?

Yes, there are several ways to hang unframed canvas art on your wall. One of the most straightforward methods is to use adhesive hooks. Ensure they are strong enough to hold the weight of your canvas. Position them where you want the top corners of the canvas to be, and simply hang your piece. If your canvas is heavier, you might want to consider using a wire hanging system. Attach a wire to two hooks on the back of your canvas, and hang this wire on a sturdy picture hanger on your wall.

9.*I’ve seen some impressive art displays on Reddit, but they never share the method. How can I hang art prints without frames like the displays I’ve seen on Reddit?

Often, those unique art displays you see on Reddit use simple and creative methods to hang their prints without frames. One popular method is to use washi tape. It comes in many designs and colors and can become part of the artwork itself. Another method is using binder clips or bulldog clips. Attach them to the top of the print and hang them on a nail or a picture hanger. You can also use adhesive hooks or command strips, which can hold the weight of a paper print and won’t damage your walls. 

10. I live in a rented apartment and am worried about damaging the walls. Can you provide any advice on how to hang prints on a wall without damaging them?

Absolutely, there are numerous non-damaging solutions for hanging prints in a rental. One of the most popular is using adhesive hooks or strips, like Command strips. They’re designed to hold a decent amount of weight and can be removed cleanly without leaving marks or residue. Another option is to use poster putty for lighter prints, which can be easily removed and reused. Also, consider non-hanging options like leaning your prints on a mantle, shelf, or floor against the wall for a modern, relaxed display. 

How to Hang Unframed Art and Bring Charm to Your Space in 20 Creative Ways
How to Hang Unframed Art and Bring Charm to Your Space in 20 Creative Ways

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