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How to Cover a Mirror in Your Bedroom: 20 Creative Ideas

How to Cover a Mirror in Your Bedroom: 20 Creative Ideas Transforming Your Space: Guide to Concealing Mirrors in the Bedroom
How to Cover a Mirror in Your Bedroom: 20 Creative Ideas

Meet the Author and Your Future Designer: Julio Arco is a passionate architect with years of experience in architecture, interior design, urban design, and housing. He studied at prestigious universities across North America and Europe. 


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How to Cover a Mirror in Your Bedroom: 20 Creative Ideas

Transforming Your Space: Guide to Concealing Mirrors in the Bedroom

As an experienced interior designer, I’ve navigated the peculiar labyrinth of clients’ requests, one of which is figuring out how to cover a mirror in a bedroom. I understand how personal and emotional the relationship with one’s space can be. Your home should be a reflection of you – literally and figuratively. A mirror, while practical, can sometimes feel intrusive or misaligned with the energy of the room. 

In my practice, I had a client who once confided in me about her discomfort with her bedroom mirror. It reminded her of the story of the spirit world, a notion she’d grown up with. That’s when I realized the deeply rooted emotions attached to such objects. Our spaces, particularly our bedrooms, should offer solace, not discomfort. This experience reaffirmed my belief in the importance of marrying design with psychology to create harmonious spaces.

Mirrors play a significant role in design. Similarly, the way we place and use mirrors can reflect our values and lifestyles. Mirrors can be crucial for checking our appearances; they can also expand the perception of room dimensions, or bring in more light. Nonetheless, when they interfere with one’s comfort, it’s time to consider how to cover them. Here are 20 creative ideas to cover a mirror in your bedroom.

  1. Artistic Wallpaper: Apply a mural-style wallpaper over the mirror for an artistic touch. This can dramatically transform the aesthetic of your room and give it a unique flair, creating a focal point that instantly draws the eye.
  2. Macramé Wall Hanging: Use a large macramé wall hanging to cover and add texture. The intricate weavings and tassels can introduce a bohemian feel to your room while concealing the mirror effectively.
  3. Canvas Artwork: Hang a large piece of canvas art in front of the mirror. This allows you to showcase your favorite artwork, adding a personal touch to your space while camouflaging the mirror.
  4. Curtain Elegance: Install a curtain rod above the mirror and use elegant drapes to cover it. Depending on your choice of fabric and color, curtains can add a touch of class or whimsy to your bedroom.
  5. Fabric Panel: Fix a beautiful fabric panel onto the mirror. This is an excellent opportunity to feature a fabric you love, add a pop of color, or introduce an intriguing pattern to your room.
  6. DIY Painted Design: If you’re artistic, consider painting a mural or pattern directly onto the mirror. This could be as simple or as complex as you want, and it’s an excellent way to express your creativity.
  7. Folding Screens: Use decorative folding screens to cover the mirror. These are easy to move and can be highly decorative, contributing to the overall design scheme of your room.
  8. Decorative Film: Apply a decorative window film to the mirror. This solution is relatively easy and quick to apply or remove. Plus, films come in various designs, ranging from geometric patterns to floral motifs, allowing you to select one that fits your room’s theme.
  9. Sliding Barn Door: Install a sliding barn door to cover the mirror. This adds a rustic touch and can make your room feel like a cozy country retreat.
  10. Bookcase: Position a slim bookcase in front of the mirror to cover it and simultaneously create additional storage. This is a functional solution for book lovers or those in need of extra shelving.
  11. Wall of Photos: Create a collage of your favorite photos, postcards, or artworks. You can mount this collage on a foam board or large canvas and then hang it over the mirror.
  12. Vertical Garden: Hang a vertical garden or green wall in front of the mirror. This not only covers the mirror but also introduces a touch of nature into your room, creating a calming and refreshing environment.
  13. Mirror Stickers: Use mirror stickers in various shapes and colors to create a new design on the mirror. These can be arranged in countless patterns, transforming the mirror into a piece of modern art.
  14. Shoji Screens: Use traditional Japanese shoji screens to cover your mirror. These screens, made from translucent paper and wood, add a sense of tranquility and minimalist elegance to your space.
  15. Wall Decals: Apply large wall decals or vinyl stickers with inspiring quotes or fun images. This can turn your mirror into a motivational or entertaining space that reflects your personality.
  16. Hanging Rugs: Use woven or textured rugs as a tapestry to cover the mirror. This adds a warm, homely touch to your room and is particularly effective in a room with a rustic or bohemian theme.
  17. Pallet Wood Wall: Fix a pallet wood wall onto the mirror for a rustic and earthy feel. This is a more permanent solution that can dramatically change the feel of your room.
  18. Attachable Shelving: Install floating shelves directly onto the mirror. This not only covers the mirror but also provides a practical storage or display solution. Show off your favorite books, plants, or collectibles while obscuring the mirror.
  19. Room Divider: Use a freestanding room divider to cover the mirror. Room dividers come in a variety of styles and materials, making it easy to find one that complements your interior design. The added advantage is that they are portable and easy to rearrange.
  20. Chalkboard or Whiteboard: Cover the mirror with a large chalkboard or whiteboard. This is particularly suitable for a home office or child’s room, offering a surface for reminders, notes, or creative doodling. It’s both a practical and decorative solution, providing a great way to cover up a mirror.

There are countless ways to cover mirrors; from hanging art prints or curtains, installing a decorative film, to creating a mirrored closet with doors that can be closed when the mirror isn’t needed. These methods can all contribute to the transformation of your bedroom into a space that aligns with your comfort and aesthetic.

Creating a haven that encapsulates your essence is an art. As an interior designer, I see my role as an artist working on a living canvas that involves everything from the paint on your walls to the placement of your furniture, and yes, even how we address your mirrors. 

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1.- Attachable Shelving: Innovative Mirror Covering with Practical Storage Solutions

Have you ever gazed at the large expanse of your bedroom mirror and wished it could serve a more practical purpose? Here lies an innovative solution. Installing floating shelves directly onto the mirror brings together the utility of storage and the need to obscure the reflective surface. It’s an ingenious way to cover the mirror while adding a touch of functionality and style to your bedroom. With a few brackets and some sturdy shelves, you can create a display space for your favorite books, succulents, or trinkets.

This setup might just become your favorite corner of the bedroom, a place where you find joy in the everyday objects you choose to display. Picture your cherished novels lining the shelves, the green of houseplants providing a splash of nature, or a collection of sentimental knick-knacks telling their unique stories. This practical approach not only covers the mirrored wall, but it also enhances the overall aesthetics of your bedroom.

There’s a sense of satisfaction that comes with merging practicality with aesthetics, and that’s exactly what you achieve with attachable shelving. They provide an easy answer to the question of how to cover a mirror in the bedroom. It’s like turning a new page, allowing your bedroom to reflect your personal style more accurately, while offering additional storage space that we all crave in our homes. 

How to Cover a Mirror in Your Bedroom: 20 Creative Ideas

2.- Room Divider: How a Stylish Accessory Can Cover Your Bedroom Mirror

A room divider might be the missing piece of your interior puzzle. Have you ever considered it? Not just a functional element to delineate spaces, a room divider can also serve as a practical solution to cover a mirror. With their wide variety of styles, from vintage woodwork to modernistic metal frames, they can complement any bedroom decor, seamlessly merging into the existing design. 

Imagine waking up to see the intricate design of a bamboo divider instead of your own sleepy reflection. It brings a sense of tranquility, offering a softer start to your day. Or, think about a divider with a vibrant fabric pattern, injecting a dose of energy and fun into your mornings. A mirror cover doesn’t have to be dull or purely functional; it can also contribute positively to your mood and the ambiance of your bedroom.

What makes room dividers even more appealing is their portability. You are not committing to a permanent change but rather opting for a flexible solution that can be rearranged whenever you wish. This mirrors our own ever-changing life situations and preferences, making your bedroom a space that truly evolves with you. 

How to Cover a Mirror in Your Bedroom: 20 Creative Ideas

3.- Chalkboard or Whiteboard: Turning Your Mirror into a Canvas for Creativity

What if you could transform your mirror into a surface that sparks creativity and keeps your life organized? Covering your mirror with a chalkboard or whiteboard could do just that. Whether you have a home office setup in your bedroom or you’re a parent wanting to foster creativity in your child’s room, this solution offers a unique blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Your bedroom mirror now becomes a blank canvas, ready to hold all your thoughts, ideas, and reminders. It’s a fun way to jot down your to-do list, brainstorm for your next project, or leave a cute note for a loved one. Imagine the kids drawing their masterpiece on the chalkboard, their giggles filling the room. Or picture yourself tracking your goals on the whiteboard, the satisfaction of ticking them off, one by one.

Beyond its practical benefits, it’s a decorative solution that can transform the room’s atmosphere. With a quick wipe, you get a clean slate every day, symbolizing the potential of new beginnings. This refreshing change can make your bedroom feel like a more dynamic, inspiring space. It’s about reinventing the wheel, taking a standard bedroom mirror and turning it into an interactive part of your daily life. The chalkboard or whiteboard option is a testament to our need to express ourselves and our love for spaces that adapt to our lifestyles.

How to Cover a Mirror in Your Bedroom: 20 Creative Ideas

4.- Using Furniture Arrangement and Layout to Cover a Bedroom Mirror

Furniture arrangement can play a crucial role in how you cover a bedroom mirror. The placement of a large piece of furniture, such as a wardrobe, bookcase, or chest of drawers, can effectively obscure the mirror. This is not just about practicality; it’s also about revamping your bedroom, tailoring it to your needs, and making it feel like your personal sanctuary.

Imagine your beloved collection of novels housed in a towering bookcase against the mirror. Or perhaps your wardrobe stands there, filled with your curated collection of clothing. Even a strategically placed makeup vanity or desk could serve as a functional solution. The comforting sight of your favorite furniture can be far more soothing and homely than the often stark reflection in a mirror.

Besides being a clever hack to cover a mirror, rearranging your furniture can also give your bedroom a fresh lease of life. A new layout might even make the room more spacious and conducive to relaxation or productivity. In essence, with the right furniture arrangement, you’re not just covering a mirror; you’re also transforming your bedroom into a more functional, personalized space that resonates with your lifestyle.

How to Cover a Mirror in Your Bedroom: 20 Creative Ideas

5.- Maximizing Space with Mirrors: Creative Covering Solutions

When it comes to bedrooms, especially smaller ones, making the most of available space is often a key concern. Mirrors can both help and hinder in this respect. They can create a sense of spaciousness, but when overused, they might also be visually overwhelming. Hence, a good compromise is to cover them creatively, allowing them to blend seamlessly with your bedroom’s design while preserving their ability to enhance the perception of space.

Consider a beautifully designed mirror film, perhaps with a floral or geometric pattern, to cover your bedroom mirror. This not only maintains the mirror’s reflective qualities to an extent, but it also makes it a visually appealing feature in the room. Imagine the subtle play of light and shadow as sunlight filters through the patterned film. It’s like having an ever-changing piece of art in your bedroom.

Alternatively, a sheer or semi-transparent curtain could be used to obscure the mirror. It softens the reflection while contributing to the room’s aesthetic. Picture the elegant drapery lending a touch of sophistication to your bedroom, the soft morning light diffused gently into the room. With these solutions, you’re not simply covering a mirror; you’re transforming it into a unique feature that complements your bedroom and your sense of style.

How to Cover a Mirror in Your Bedroom: 20 Creative Ideas

Final Thoughts

In the grand tapestry of interior design, we often focus on the large swaths of color, pattern, and texture that make up our spaces. But sometimes, it’s those intricacies, those smaller, more subtle elements that truly make a house a home. So let’s dive into the world of bedroom mirrors, explore their potential, and reveal how to cover a mirror in the bedroom in ways that enrich our living spaces and lift our spirits.

When considering how to cover a mirror in the bedroom, it’s about more than merely hiding a reflective surface. It’s about reshaping the room’s dimensions, energizing the area, and most importantly, injecting your personality into your most intimate sanctuary. It’s about looking past the mirrored wall or mirror wall and seeing a canvas, ripe for your creativity.

Applying a thoughtful method, be it a vibrant wallpaper or a set of curtains, could metamorphose that simple glass panel into a stunning statement piece. Imagine the transformation: a bedroom mirror, once a stark, unchanging presence, now an artful expression of your personal design philosophy. 

But let’s not stop at mere surface-level changes. Let’s explore how we can use this opportunity to echo our life values, our respect for the environment. Consider biophilic design principles. How about using sustainable fabrics to drape over the mirrors, or decorating them with energy-efficient LED lighting? You’re not just covering your bedroom mirrors; you’re making a conscious choice towards a greener home.

Speaking of lighting, consider how it could play off your covered mirror. The interplay of artificial light and shadows across textured wallpaper or the subtle glow behind semi-transparent window film could dramatically enhance your room’s atmosphere. Remember, lighting in interior design isn’t only about illuminating space; it’s about creating moods, accentuating designs, and generating visual interest.

Moving on to the broader realm of interior design, let’s harness principles such as radial balance, rhythm and repetition, symmetry, and the rule of thirds to create harmonious, engaging spaces. The mirror you’re seeking to cover is more than an object; it’s a piece of the puzzle, an integral part of your bedroom’s narrative. Be it through repeating patterns on a wallpaper, the symmetry of curtains, or adhering to the rule of thirds when placing art prints or fabric panels, you can transform your mirrored wall into a testament to your understanding of design.

And finally, let’s not forget about the rest of the house. Yes, we’re discussing bedrooms, but the beauty of design principles is that they’re universal, applicable across living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and even the tiny closet you’ve always wanted to revamp. So, feel emboldened to extend these concepts beyond your bedroom, turning your entire home into a vibrant reflection of your style.

When you wake up each morning or retire each night, remember that your bedroom isn’t just a place for sleep. It’s a reflection of you, your tastes, your experiences, and your values. So, whether you’re covering a mirror out of necessity, for feng shui, or simply for a change of scenery, you have the power to make it more than just a task. You have the opportunity to turn it into an exciting design venture, a small step towards crafting your dream home. And in the end, isn’t that what interior design is all about? Making our spaces as beautiful, comforting, and unique as the lives we lead within them. Happy decorating!

Cover Mirror in Bedroom – FAQ

1. What are some creative methods on how to temporarily cover a mirror in my bedroom?

    Absolutely, covering a mirror in your bedroom can be a fantastic opportunity to flex your creative muscles. Consider using beautiful fabric drapes, striking window films with designs that match your bedroom’s theme, or even a collage of art prints. The options are endless and can easily blend with your bedroom’s aesthetics.

2. Can art prints be used to cover a mirror in my bedroom?

    Yes, you can definitely use art prints to cover a mirror in your bedroom. It’s a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your space. Just make sure the prints are secured safely on the mirror surface to prevent any possible damage.

3. What kind of wallpaper designs would you suggest for someone wanting to cover a mirror in their bedroom?

    Wallpaper is a fantastic way to cover a mirror in your bedroom. Consider patterns that harmonize with your existing décor. For instance, if you have a nature-themed bedroom, a leaf or floral pattern could be ideal. Always remember, the design should complement your room’s existing aesthetic.

4. I’ve heard that mirrors in front of the bed are not good for the chi; how can I cover this mirror without disrupting my bedroom’s aesthetic?

    In feng shui, it is indeed considered not ideal to have a mirror facing the bed. To cover it without disturbing your bedroom’s aesthetic, consider using a stylish room divider, or a curtain that matches your room’s color scheme. That way, you can maintain the flow of chi and your room’s aesthetics.

5. What materials should I consider if I want to cover a mirror on my closet doors?

    A variety of materials can be used to cover a mirror on closet doors. Consider adhesive wallpapers, lightweight fabrics, or even wooden panels for a rustic look. Your choice should depend on your personal style and the bedroom’s existing decor.

6. Are there any DIY methods on how to cover mirrors without causing permanent damage to the mirror?

    Absolutely! Window film, for instance, is an excellent option. It sticks to the mirror without damaging the surface and is available in a variety of designs. Hanging curtains, fabric, or tapestries are also great non-permanent solutions for covering mirrors.

7. How can I make the process of covering a mirror in my bedroom a fun and engaging activity?

    To make the process of covering a mirror a fun activity, involve your family or friends. Choose a method that allows for creativity, such as a DIY project. You can paint designs on a fabric or create a photo collage. This way, you turn the task into an enjoyable experience.

8. I have a large mirror in my bedroom that I want to cover; can I use a combination of methods such as wallpaper and curtains?

    Absolutely! Mixing methods can give your room a unique look. You can use wallpaper on a portion of the mirror and cover the remaining part with curtains. This can create an interesting focal point in your bedroom.

9. What tips do you have for someone trying to cover a mirror in a child’s bedroom to ensure safety and functionality?

    When covering a mirror in a child’s bedroom, safety should be your top priority. Avoid materials that can easily break, such as glass. Consider using materials like fabric or window film that are easy to clean and maintain. Ensure all materials are securely attached to avoid accidents.

10. How can I incorporate my existing bedroom decor while deciding on how to cover my bedroom mirror? 

    Incorporating your existing decor into the process is all about cohesion. For instance, if your bedroom has a vintage theme, antique lace curtains could work well for covering your mirror. If it’s a modern minimalist room, consider using sleek window film or a simple curtain in a solid color. 

How to Cover a Mirror in Your Bedroom: 20 Creative Ideas
How to Cover a Mirror in Your Bedroom: 20 Creative Ideas

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