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How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV – Tips and Tricks

How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV
How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV - Beautiful Mantle Decor Ideas

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How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV - Beautiful Mantle Decor Ideas

Mantel Decor with a Television – Introduction Video

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You might be wondering how to decorate a mantel with a TV and what the best way to achieve a beautiful design is. And while decorating a mantel around a television might seem complicated, it is actually easier than you think, and the options are really endless.

There are many reasons why decorating your mantel is essential, especially if you have a television. The mantel is often the focal point in a room, so it should be decorated accordingly. Plus, decorating the mantel will help to create a cohesive look in your space.

If you’re unsure where to start, we’ve put together some tips and ideas to get you started. Read on to learn how to decorate a mantel with a TV. But before you begin decorating, please read the following recommendations.

Initial Considerations to Decorate a Mantel with a TV

Work with a Blank Canvas

Before you begin redecorating your mantel, it’s important to take everything off it so that you have a blank canvas to work with. This will help you avoid being influenced by the current design and allow you to make decisions based on your own personal style.

Once you’ve emptied the mantel, you can start to consider how you want to decorate it. So don’t be afraid to edit your choices until you’re left with a stylish and functional look.

Consider the Frame TV to showcase Art

Just as a painting or photograph is set in a frame to be hung on a wall, the Frame TV does the same for your television. It comes in different colors and styles to match your home decor, and you can even upload your own artwork to display when you’re not watching TV.

Frame TV also has built-in speakers and an HDMI input, so you can use it as a digital picture frame even if you don’t have a cable or satellite subscription. Some people may find the Frame TV to be out of their price range, but it is worth considering if you want a stylish and functional piece of furniture for your home.

How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV

Frame your TV with Sconces or Mirrors

Achieving harmony in your home design is all about creating a complete look. One way to do this is to frame your television with sconces or mirrors. By placing these objects on either side of the screen, you provide a visual break that can help to give the room a more refined feel.

Additionally, wall sconces are an excellent way to fill empty wall space without adding too much clutter. And suppose you choose sconces over a traditional mantelpiece. In that case, you won’t need to worry about decorating the area above the fireplace.

Instead, you can simply enjoy the warm, inviting atmosphere that they create. Whether you’re relaxing alone or entertaining guests, sconces can help to set the perfect tone for any occasion.

Before moving Forward, Choose a Design Style

There are endless possibilities when it comes to mantel design. But before you start picking out decor, choosing a style that reflects your personal taste is important. This will make the decision-making process much easier and ensure that you’re happy with the final result.

Some popular mantel styles include rustic, traditional, and modern. But there’s no need to limit yourself to just one of these choices. You can mix and match different elements to create a look that’s all your own.

Once you’ve chosen a style, you can start to explore the 3 main areas of your mantel to create the design you are looking for!

How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV - Beautiful Mantle Decor Ideas

Mantel Decor – 3 Main Areas

The center area of the mantel is, of course, the main focal point. It is important to choose a centerpiece that is both pleasing to the eye and keeping with the room’s overall theme. A festive wreath or candles arranged in a pleasing design for a holiday display can add a touch of holiday cheer.

The sides of the mantel offer an opportunity to add symmetry and balance to the display. A pair of elegant candlesticks or vases can provide a lovely finishing touch.

Finally, the floor or hearth area can be used to highlight a special piece of art or family photo. By taking advantage of all three areas, it is easy to create a mantel display that is both stylish and functional.

How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV - Beautiful Mantle Decor Ideas

The Center

The middle is often the hardest place to decorate because there is usually less space between the bottom of the TV and the mantel. A great way to solve this problem is to use a long, thin tray or bowl made of wood.

You could put the remote for your electric fireplace in it or use it as a catch-all for other items. Another great option is to use a long sign, garland, or wooden planter. These pieces can add visual interest and help fill the space in a creative way.

Add the Main Piece to Ground the Design and Decorations

Your mantel is one of the best places to show off your personal style. But with so many possibilities, it can be tough to know where to start. I always recommend adding the main piece to ground the design and decorations.

From there, you can move on to adding some smaller pieces like candles or vases. And don’t forget the finishing touches, like garland or greenery. With a little bit of planning, you can transform your mantel into a stylish and inviting space.

How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV - Beautiful Mantle Decor Ideas

The Sides

Mantel décor is an important element in any design. The sides of the mantel provide an opportunity to add interest and play with space perception with the design. I prefer to use different elements on each side of the mantel to add visual interest.

On one side, I might use a satin pothos plant. I love how the foliage cascades down the side of the mantel. On the other side, I might use three battery-operated pillar candles. I love how the different heights add interest and the remote control makes them easy to use.

Tall, thin candleholders are another option for Mantel décor. They can be made of metal or wood and come in a variety of styles. Using three at different heights is a great way to add interest to your Mantel décor.

How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV - Beautiful Mantle Decor Ideas

Consider going Symmetrical

Mantel decor is a great example of where you can use symmetry to your advantage. If you have a smaller mantel, consider using two of the same items on each side. For example, you could use two plants or two lanterns.

This will create a sense of balance and calmness. You could use different items on each side if you have a larger mantel. For example, you could use a plant on one side and a lantern on the other. This will create a sense of interest and excitement. Experiment with different items and see what creates the feeling that you’re going for.

Consider going Asymmetrical

One design element you may want to consider for your mantel is asymmetry. An asymmetrical mantel can provide more interest and personality than a symmetrical one, and it is often easier to achieve.

Mantel decor is typically a symmetrical arrangement, but you can break away from tradition by going asymmetrical. Asymmetry can add a modern touch to your mantel; it does not have to be perfect to be beautiful. If you are looking for a more unique mantel design, consider going asymmetrical.

How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV - Beautiful Mantle Decor Ideas

Rule or Three

Mantel Decor can be a daunting task. You want to make a statement, but you don’t want to overdo it. The rule of three is a great starting point. Three items on your mantel will create a Triangle of Interest that will keep your guests’ eyes moving around the space.

And odd numbers always look better than even. So, go ahead and take the plunge into Mantel Decorating using the rule of three! You’ll be glad you did.


If you still want to utilize this method, try arranging smaller art pieces with a vase or container. This creates depth on your mantel, which makes a room seem more put together. Mantels are also a great place to experiment with different textures. Try adding in some greenery or a wool throw for an extra pop of interest. Get creative and have fun with it- your home should reflect your unique style!

How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV - Beautiful Mantle Decor Ideas

Play with Height and Scale

The television is obviously going to be the tallest part of your little vignette (and make no mistake – the television is a part of the vignette, even if you don’t want it to be), which means that if you aren’t careful to place some taller items near it, everything you put on the mantel will just look tiny and weird.

Of course, you also don’t want to place anything too tall next to the television because then it might feel like your decorations are competing for attention. You’ll have a hard time focusing on what the housewives are up to because you’ll be so distracted by that tall vase that it might need to be scooted over an inch or two.

I like to place one tall-ish item on either side of the television, then pair them with a medium and a small item. It might seem a bit formulaic (and it is!), but I don’t feel comfortable enough getting crazy with design rules, so I’m sticking to what I know works for now.

Consider Simplicity

If you’re anything like me, your mantel is one of the most important places in your house. It’s where we display pictures of our family, hang festive garlands for the holidays, and light candles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

But decorating a mantel can be tricky. If you don’t take the time to consider simplicity, your mantel can quickly become cluttered and overwhelming. From choosing the right size and shape for your Mantel Decor to considering the proportion of your decorations, this guide will help you create a stylish and inviting mantel.

How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV - Beautiful Mantle Decor Ideas

Add Greenery and Nature

The mantel provides a natural focal point for the room and can be used to display a variety of items. One or two plants, preferably a cascading kind, would look lovely on the mantel. We keep this lovely plant on our mantel since it provides a lot of visual interest and texture without blocking the view of the television.

While the television may block your view of the mantel, you can use the area below it for some unexpected design. Adding greenery and nature-inspired elements to your Mantel decor can help to create a more inviting and comfortable space.

Opt for Container Candles

One of the best things about container candles is that they are perfect for Mantel decor. They come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, so you can find the perfect candle to fit your mantel. They also have a lower profile than traditional candlesticks, so you don’t have to worry about the flame getting too close to the screen.

Container candles are also easy to regulate, so you can keep the flame at a comfortable level. And if you’re cuddling up for a movie, a tiny container candle may be just what you need to make things seem a little cozier.

How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV - Beautiful Mantle Decor Ideas

Choose your Colors and Materials Wisley for your Home

Mantel decor is extremely important in any home. It’s one of the first things you see when you walk into a room, and it sets the tone for the entire space. As such, it’s important to choose your colors and materials wisely.

Sleek contours and muted tones might be your best chance to pull off a contemporary style. But if you want your mantel to evoke feelings of warmth and welcome, you may want to consider using wood or soft textiles. Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your personal style and creates the atmosphere you want in your home.

How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV - Beautiful Mantle Decor Ideas

Decorating Around Your Fireplace

My favorite Mantel decorating tip is to add a tall plant on each side of the fireplace. Not only does it make the space look more put together, but it also helps improve the air quality and lowers stress levels. If you have pets, make sure to choose a plant that is safe for them to be around.

Another great alternative to plants is wreaths and garlands made of artificial greenery. They look just as realistic as live plants without the hassle of watering or maintaining them. So, take some time to decorate around your fireplace and enjoy the results all season long.

Other Mantel Decor Options

  • potted topiary plants or other types of potted plants
  • vases filled with branches or greenery
  • wreaths
  • garlands
  • pictures or artwork
  • fireplace tools
  • baskets
  • decorative boxes
  • lanterns candlesticks (if you’re comfortable with an open flame), container candles (safer option)

Hearth/floor Decor Options:

  • Large, statement lanterns
  • Trees or Plants
  • A woven Rug
  • Decorative Baskets
  • Candles in different sizes and heights
  • Decorative objects like vases or sculptures
  • Basket with firewood
  • Basket with a pillow and throw blanket
How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV - Beautiful Mantle Decor Ideas

Final Thoughts to Decorate a Room with a Mantel and TV

Mantel decor is one of my favorite things to play around with in any living room space. I find that the best way to keep a clean look on the mantel is to keep a consistent color scheme, use decorative symmetry on either side of the TV, and don’t overwhelm the space with tons of small, decorative trinkets.

I prefer to use fewer decor pieces that are larger and more statement-making. Another thing to consider is how many decors you have in the room, and use less on your mantel if the room seems crowded/chaotic. Mantels are such a great way to add character and interest to any living room space, so have fun with them! Be creative and enjoy the process.

How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV - Beautiful Mantle Decor Ideas

How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV – FAQ

What are some easy ways to decorate a mantel?

One easy way to decorate a mantel is to add container candles. They come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, so you can find the perfect candle to fit your mantel. Another easy way to decorate a mantel is to add a tall plant on each side of the fireplace and choose plants that are safe for your pets if you have any. Finally, you can also add wreaths and garlands made of artificial greenery.

How do I choose the right colors and materials for my mantel?

The best way to choose the right colors and materials for your mantel is to reflect your personal style and create the atmosphere you want in your home. If you want your mantel to evoke feelings of warmth and welcome, you may want to consider using wood or soft textiles.

What should I put on each side of the fireplace?

There’s no set answer to this question – it depends on your personal style and preferences. However, some popular options for decorating around a TV fireplace mantel include vases, sculptures, picture frames, and candles. Get creative and mix and match different elements to create a look that is uniquely yours!

How can I improve the air quality and lower stress levels with my mantel decor?

If you have a mantel with a TV on it, you may be looking for ways to improve the air quality and lower stress levels in your home. First, consider adding some greenery to your mantel; plants can help improve air quality and reduce stress levels. You can also try using essential oils to help freshen the air and create a more relaxing environment.

What are some other options for mantel decor?

Other mantel decor options include hanging artwork, using decorative objects such as vases or candles, or placing plants on the mantel. You can also decorate the mantel with fire-related items such as logs or fire tools if you have a fireplace.

How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV - Beautiful Mantle Decor Ideas
How to Decorate a Mantel with a TV - Beautiful Mantle Decor Ideas

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