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How to Design a Modern Style Room – Living Room Ideas

Design a Modern Style Room

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How to Design a Modern Style Room - Living Room Ideas

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How to Design a Modern Style Room - Living Room Ideas

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What Is Modern Design?

Modern design is a term that is often used interchangeably with “contemporary design.” However, the two styles are actually quite different. Modern design refers to a specific historical period, while contemporary design is ever-evolving and can encompass many different styles.

Modern design is characterized by a monochromatic color scheme, simple forms and furnishings, minimum ornamentation, and the liberal use of natural materials like glass, metal, and wood. It emerged in the early to mid-20th century as a reaction to the ornate designs of the Victorian era.

In contrast, contemporary design is constantly evolving to reflect the latest trends. As a result, it can incorporate any number of different styles, from minimalist to maximalist. However, one common thread that runs through all contemporary designs is a focus on simplicity and functionality.

modern living room design

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History of Modern Design

The ideology of modernism, popular at the start of the last century, was the inspiration for today’s minimalist aesthetic.

German and Scandinavian roots

The German Bauhaus and Scandinavian styles have had a lasting influence on modern design. The Bauhaus, a German school of design, sought to unite high art with practicality across disciplines like visual art, decorative art, and architecture.

The school’s minimalist formalism and formal experimentation have shaped contemporary design. Similarly, Scandinavian style is known for its simplicity and functionality. This aesthetic has influenced everything from furniture design to fashion.

Unlike the Bauhaus, which was short-lived, the impact of German and Scandinavian design roots is still felt today.

modern living room design

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Modern art influence

It is hard to overstate the influence of modern art. In many ways, it has shaped and defined the way we see the world today. From its early beginnings in the 20th century, modern art has been marked by a rejection of traditional values and conventions.

In favor of a more minimalist approach, artists have sought to create works that are stripped down to their essential elements. This philosophy has profoundly impacted all areas of design, from architecture to fashion.

Modern art has also been influenced by new technology and industrialization. The availability of construction materials like steel and concrete has allowed artists to create new and innovative designs.

Flat roofs, wide open floor plans, glass walls, and sleek, modern lines have become synonymous with the look of the modern world.

modern living room design

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Lasting legacy

While its days of being at the cutting edge of design may be over, the legacy of the modernist movement is still very much alive. Its impact can be seen in a wide range of architectural styles incorporating minimalist design elements.

Even today, there are many architects who continue to be inspired by the clean lines and simple forms of modernist architecture. And of course, the movement has left behind a number of iconic landmarks which continue to symbolize the height of elegance and sophistication.

Though it may no longer be at the forefront of the architectural world, the modernist movement has left behind a lasting legacy that will ensure its place in history.

modern living room design

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7 Characteristics of Modern Design

The following are some suggestions for contemporary interior design that you may find useful if you’re thinking about updating your house.

Clean lines

A modern living room is characterized by clean lines and geometric forms. Instead of ornate details, modern decor and furniture feature sharp corners and clean surfaces. The goal is to manipulate space perception and create a sense of infinity, as though the lines go on forever.

This can be achieved by incorporating unbroken horizon lines or infinite arcs into the design. By keeping the space open and uncluttered, a modern living room provides a sense of tranquility and order. In addition to its visual appeal, a modern living room is also highly functional.

By eschewing unnecessary ornamentation, they are easy to maintain and easy to use. As a result, a modern living room is perfect for those who crave simplicity and functionality.

modern living room design

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Minimal home decor

Achieving a modern space and minimalist living room aesthetic is all about creating a clean, uncomplicated image. It’s more relaxed about filling every available area with objects, so it allows some breathing room between pieces of furniture.

The point is to create a place for what you love and not accumulate more than you need, which can actually make your living room feel cramped and cluttered. Instead, focus on choosing well-considered storage for your living area to help you reach your minimalist goals easily.

This might include investing in a sleek and modern entertainment center or coffee table with hidden storage. By decluttering your living space and keeping only the essentials, you can create a modern space that is both stylish and functional.

modern living room design

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Neutral colors

When it comes to modern living room design, one of the most popular aesthetics is that of neutral colors. This look is achieved by using subdued hues instead of the bright, bold colors often seen in conventional or Hollywood Regency furniture and décor.

Navy, olive green, and earthy pink are all popular choices for early 20th-century contemporary living rooms that wanted to add a pop of color. Picking a neutral color scheme for your walls and bigger pieces of furniture in the living room can make redecorating a breeze.

Curtains, throw cushions, area rugs, and table lamps are all easy ways to inject a space with a burst of color without breaking the bank. And if you ever get tired of your neutral color scheme, simply switch out a few key pieces, and voilà – you have an entirely new look!

modern living room design

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Open floor plan

Open floor plans are very important in a modern living room. By removing walls and partitions, open floor plans create a sense of spaciousness and allow for greater flexibility in furniture placement.

But an open floor plan can also pose challenges, such as how to define different areas within the room. Strategic furniture use can help create distinct areas within an open floor plan.

A kitchen island, for instance, may serve as a demarcation between the kitchen and the eating area, and a sectional couch can help define an otherwise open living space. Open floor plans can be stylish and functional with a little creativity.

modern living room design

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Low and long furniture

In modern living rooms, low and long furniture is often used to create a sense of spaciousness and accentuate the room’s architectural features. Low sofas and coffee tables help to ground the space and create a sense of intimacy. In contrast, longer benches and media consoles can help to define the perimeter of the room.

When choosing low and long furniture for your living room, it is important to consider the scale of the space and the existing furniture. In general, low and long furniture should be proportional to the size of the room and should complement the existing decor.

By carefully selecting pieces that fit both your aesthetic preferences and the dimensions of your living room, you can create a stylish and functional space that is perfect for a modern living room.

modern living room design

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Functional design

In modern living room designs, the side table serves as a surface for placing drinks and other small items. This purpose isn’t masked by fancy flourishes and twisted legs in today’s furniture design. Side tables are an example of the “form follows function” design tenet.

By keeping the design simple and focused on the function, the side table is able to serve its purpose well while still looking good. This trend is reflected in other pieces of furniture, such as bookshelves and coffee tables.

As we continue to value simplicity and functionality in our lives, expect to see more “form follows function” furniture designs.

contemporary interior design

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Natural materials

The modern living room is all about simplicity and functionality. Natural materials are key to achieving this look. Wood, stone, leather, and rattan furniture add a warm and organic feel to the space. Plants are also a must-have in any contemporary living room.

They help to create a sense of harmony and balance with nature. When it comes to accessories, keep it simple, and a few well-chosen pieces will suffice.

Mirrors and crystal chandeliers are out. Instead, opt for pieces that are functional and have a minimal aesthetic. This will help to create a modern living room that is both stylish and inviting.

modern living room design

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What’s the Difference Between Modern Style and Contemporary Design?

What’s the difference between modern aesthetic and contemporary design? It’s a question that has stumped many, as the two styles are often used interchangeably.

Modern design is characterized by clean, simple lines and a lack of embellishments. Living Room Furniture is often sleek and stylized, with bold geometric shapes. Modern homes also make use of neutral color palettes, with pops of bright color used to add visual interest.

On the other hand, contemporary design builds on modernism’s principles but also incorporates elements of other styles. As a result, contemporary homes can be highly eclectic, with furniture and décor that spans a wide range of influences.

So whether you’re drawn to the simplicity of modern design or the eclecticism of contemporary style, you’re sure to find a look that suits your taste.

modern living room design

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Design a Modern Style Room – FAQ

What are some simple modern living room ideas for a small living room?

Some simple ideas for a small modern living room include using furniture with clean lines, neutral colors, and a focus on functionality. You can also use mirrors and plants to create a sense of space and harmony.

Where can I find an affordable interior designer to help me with some modern living room ideas?

You can hire online interior designers at Havenly to help you with some modern living room ideas as well as choosing furniture such as a table and floor lamps.

What is the best modern living room idea I could apply to my living room?

The best idea for living rooms is to focus on simplicity and functionality. Choose furniture with clean lines and neutral colors. Make sure that the pieces you choose are functional and have a minimal aesthetic. You can also add plants to your living room to create a sense of harmony with nature.

How can I create a focal point with a modern coffee table for my living room?

You can create a focal point with your coffee table by choosing a piece with a unique shape or material. You can also use it to display a few well-chosen pieces of décor.

What are some core modern interior design characteristics?

Some characteristics to focus on are natural light, monochrome living rooms, neutral color palette, natural wood, modern furniture, and modern light fixtures. Additionally, you can add your personal style and create visual interest by adding mid-century modern furniture to your living room design.

contemporary interior design

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How to Design a Modern Style Room - Living Room Ideas

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