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What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture
What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

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What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

Bedrooms with Dark Furniture – Bedroom Decor Introduction Video

What colors go with dark wood bedroom furniture? Although it may seem obvious to opt for a darker-themed color scheme, Havenly’s in-house designers attest that pairing light walls with dark furniture can also make for a stunning visual aesthetic.

This method creates an open and airy atmosphere, which doesn’t constrict the eye or create oppressive shadows. In addition to being visually pleasing, this combination of warm undertones helps bring out the contrast of the darker hues.

You could equally choose brighter shades instead of dark formulations; a hint of light against dark is just as effective regardless of shade choice. It ultimately comes down to achieving the desired ambiance within your home—one that speaks directly to your personality and preferences.

Whether you want an open, vibrant quality for your bedroom or a cozy and calming environment, adjusting the contrast between your wall and furniture colors could be just what you need. 

What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

1.- Navy blue and dark wood colors create a regal and luxurious look.

Navy blue makes for an eye-catching and sophisticated color palette when decorating a bedroom with dark wood furniture. This color combination takes on a regal and luxurious feel, perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

To make a bold statement, choose lighter shades of navy as an accent shade throughout the bedroom. Moderate use of this color against the darker wood will create contrast without taking away from your bedroom furniture’s natural beauty.

Offsetting Navy blues with light neutrals, such as whites and soft grays, creates a beautiful and calming look that feels familiar yet modern. There are many ways to incorporate color into your bedroom design while keeping the focus on your bedroom furniture’s dark wood look.

What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

2.- Burgundy accent color brings out the richness of the dark wood, creating a classic look.

Out of all bedroom furniture options, dark wood is one of the most sophisticated and stylish. Contrast your bedroom with the perfect color palette to complement this classic vision. Think outside the box when considering what colors go with dark wood bedroom furniture.

From warm hues to cool neutrals, find a balance between complementary colors like burgundy accent color to bring out the richness of the dark wood and make it center stage in every space. Combined with a touch of lighter colors, these bedroom ideas will create an inviting oasis that looks beautiful and timeless. 

What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

3.- Tan and light brown tones pair perfectly with warm, dark wood bedroom furniture.

When pairing bedroom furniture with colors, dark wood bedroom furniture makes for a timeless design. For a sophisticated and cozy look, choose tan and light brown tones as the main accents in your bedroom.

Other great ideas to add visual interest would be complementary colors like deep blues and sage greens to connect with the natural tones of the dark wood bedroom furniture. Accent pieces, such as plush pillows in various shades of blue, gold, or even brick, can add depth and dimension.

The variety of options helps create an inviting atmosphere that will make any guest feel welcome.

What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

4.- Light Gray can be used as a neutral color to create a modern look with dark furniture.

When decorating dark wood bedroom furniture, one of the best colors to use is light gray. That’s because it contrasts beautifully with the darker hues of a wood bedroom set, making it pop and bringing out its details.

You can stick with the light and neutral shade or experiment with a few bold accents – like navy blue or yellow – that create a complementary contrast against your bedroom furniture, making it really stand out in all its glory.

For added effect, consider reviving worn, old bedroom furniture with brighter tones and colorful accents while incorporating homey touches like woven textiles and mirrors to further enhance your decor.

Whether you’re looking for a calming bedroom environment or an energizing atmosphere, these color ideas will start the stylish bedroom of your dreams.

What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

5.- Green creates an earthy, natural feel that’s perfect for a bedroom retreat with dark wood furniture.

Suppose you have bedroom furniture with dark wood tones and wish to continue this theme throughout the room. In that case, accent colors in shades of green can bring a calming and natural feel. From deep forest greens to seafoam accents, there are lots of options that will fit your style.

Light sage or celery green walls mixed with deeper hunter shades on the bedding are inviting and cozy. You can also punch up a darker bedroom set with summer-ready ivory, yellow and teal. Don’t be afraid to explore the shades in between by adding a few touches of light sage-colored curtains, side tables, or wall art to create an inviting bedroom retreat. 

What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

6.- Pale pink wall color is soft and romantic, perfect for a feminine space.

When designing a bedroom with dark wood furniture, the key is to layer different contrasting colors to add visual interest and break up the space. To accentuate the warmth of the dark furniture, painting light walls a pale pink is perfect for providing a soft romantic hue to the bedroom.

Pale pink is also great for more subtle hints of femininity; it can be complemented with accents like a sheer canopy draped over the bed or combined with dark woods for an unexpected twist like teal velvet throw pillows. With strategically deployed color schemes, dark wood bedroom furniture can bring an entirely new level of sophistication to your bedroom.

What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

7.- Purple paint color adds elegance and sophistication to any bedroom set-up with dark brown furniture.

To create a cohesive look, colors should be carefully chosen to bring out the beauty of your bedroom furniture. The perfect color for bedroom walls that include dark furniture is a deep, rich hue like purple.

This color creates an inviting and luxurious atmosphere to relax in after a long day. You can also use warm beige or off-white tones as a neutral background and add accents with bold colors or patterns like teal or striped wallpaper to add visual interest while keeping the bedroom tranquil.

Complement dark bedroom furniture further by including throw pillows, curtains, rugs, and other textiles in shades of purple, gray, or white for a complete look.

What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

8.- Yellow brings brightness and happiness to any room with dark bedroom furniture, perfect for waking up in the morning.

Dark bedroom furniture looks beautiful and timeless but may be a bit too heavy visually – yellow can be the perfect accent to lighten up the space. Yellow is known to bring joy, brightness, and happiness right into your bedroom oasis.

Consider adding bright yellow accents like throw pillows, rugs, or art pieces to contrast with your dark wood bedroom furniture. To add a modern touch to your space, consider incorporating bolder shades of lemon yellow or wicker patterns for a stylish look.

For a soothing atmosphere, add pale, buttery yellows or warm beige hues that will blend in nicely with the dark wood bedroom furniture. Ultimately it’s personal preference, and there are many color options that go nicely with this type of bedroom furniture – from blues, greens, and even pinks -allowing you to let your creativity run wild!

What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

9.- Black contrasts well with dark wood, creating an edgy look.

A bedroom featuring dark wood furniture can evoke a sense of elegance and sophistication even with simple pieces. To create an interesting combination, try pairing the deep richness of the wood tones with colors like black to accentuate its strength.

Black is a bold choice and enhances the whole bedroom’s atmosphere while also highlighting the true beauty of the dark wood furniture. Suppose you want something subtler yet still eye-catching. In that case, muted colors like muted beige or soft blues work great against darker woods and add an extra touch of light and welcome warmth to your bedroom.

Remember to pick colors that fit in with your style, but feel free to get creative when it comes to choosing colors that go with dark wood bedroom furniture!

What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

10.- White is a classic, timeless color that goes with any type of furniture.

When it comes to bedroom furniture, dark wood is a classic choice. It can take your bedroom decor to the next level, but it can also be tricky to match colors with the overall look. The great news is that white is an excellent direction to head in, as it adds lightness and brightness while still complimenting darker colors.

One idea is to mix white walls with dark wood bedroom furniture, then add in some accent colors such as navy blue and grey. Alternatively, you could opt for all-white bedroom furniture and accessories and stick to more traditional neutrals like tan or beige for the walls. No matter what you decide, layering colors will create a room that looks polished yet inviting.

What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture


Regardless of the colors, you choose to pair with your dark wood bedroom furniture, remember that it’s important to consider the overall effect you want to achieve. As long as you keep in mind how each component will work together in harmony, you’ll be able to create a beautiful, inviting atmosphere with whatever colors you choose.

For more design tips and advice from our in-house professionals, visit Havenly today! Our team of interior designers is here to help make your dream home a reality.

What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture -FAQ

What color goes with dark wood furniture?

To best complement dark brown furniture, go for mid-tone walls in colors such as warm golden yellow, soft medium blue, restful grayish-green, creamy tan, or soothing grey.

How do you compliment dark wood furniture?

Violent colors, such as pale green or blue, correspond perfectly with light wood tones like mahogany, walnut, or cherry. Also, dark or rich colors on the walls made light woods appear bold and beautiful.

How can I update my bedroom with dark wood furniture?

To make your bedroom stand out, choose bold bedding or wall art. You can also add different colors of table lamps, vases, and planters to help brighten up dark wood furniture. When choosing colors, look at the wood’s undertone for guidance.

How can I brighten my bedroom with dark furniture?

If you want to brighten up a bedroom with dark furniture, start by whitewashing the walls to create a brighter and more inviting atmosphere. Then, add accent pieces such as colorful throw pillows and artwork that will bring out the best in your dark wood furniture.

To finish the room, select window treatments that let in lots of light. You can also layer multiple rugs and a light-colored area rug to create the illusion of more space. Finally, make sure to add some greenery, whether it’s a few plants or cut flowers in vases. This will bring life and color into even the darkest rooms.

What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture
What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture

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