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How to Store Blankets Without a Closet: Creative Blanket Storage Ideas

How to Store Blankets Without a Closet: Creative Blanket Storage Ideas Efficiently Organize a Small Home: No Closet? No Problem for Blanket Storage

Efficiently Organize a Small Home: No Closet? No Problem for Blanket Storage

Living in a small home or an apartment doesn’t necessarily have to equate to clutter. As an interior designer with decades of experience, I have often been tasked with the challenge of finding creative solutions to storing items in homes with limited space.

 One of the most common items that need special attention are blankets. They’re bulky, they’re necessary, and they’re oddly difficult to store. But in my journey through interior design, I’ve learned that this challenge can be turned into an opportunity – an opportunity to declutter, reorganize, and create fresh spaces. 

Storage and organization are pivotal in any living space. As someone who’s had to organize a small home with no storage, I can attest to the challenge but also to the satisfaction it brings once accomplished. 

I have learned to apply a principle known as FIFO (First In, First Out) in the organization and decluttering process. This principle is commonly used in supply chain management and food storage but has remarkable relevance in home organization. It ensures that the items we use most often are always within easy reach. 

Evidence-based design asserts that our environment influences behavior and well-being. By creating a well-organized, clutter-free space, you’re not just making your home look better; you’re actively improving your mental well-being and quality of life. 

Whether your concern is how to store blankets without a closet or how to keep your Merino wool blankets stain-free, or even if you’re not sure how to wash an afghan blanket, the secret lies in creative organization such as these 10 examples of how to store blankets without a closet:

  1. Storage Trunks: Transform a stylish storage trunk into a home for your blankets. Nestle a few blankets inside, along with your favorite board games, to save space.
  2. Built-In Cabinets: A storage cabinet, especially one with glass doors, is perfect for storing extra blankets. They can be easily organized and make for a visual statement.
  3. Repurposed Firewood Rack: If you have a spare log holder, you can use it as storage for blankets. Roll them tight so that they mimic firewood, and stack them on the rack for a rustic touch.
  4. Under Bed Storage: If you have space under your bed, use rolling storage bins to store blankets. These are great for storing heavy or seasonal blankets that you don’t use regularly.
  5. Blanket Ladder: A slim ladder against an empty spot on the wall can provide a place to hang and display your most attractive blankets, serving both as storage and decor.
  6. Hooks: Install decorative, heavy-duty hooks evenly on a wall in your living room or hallway, then suspend a soft blanket for each family member.
  7. Ottoman with Storage: Ottomans with storage can hide away your blankets from sight but keep them easy to access. This can serve as a multifunctional piece of furniture in your living space.
  8. Drawer Storage: Built-in benches with lift-up or pull-out drawer storage are a great place to store your blankets. You can also use a spare dresser or a chest of drawers.
  9. Baskets: One of the simplest ways to store a blanket is to use a decorative basket. Just roll or fold your blankets and tuck them inside.
  10. Storage Bags: During the summer months, heavy blankets can be folded compactly into a zippered organizer or a lidded plastic tote and put onto a high closet shelf or under a bed frame. This is especially useful if you’re short on space.

Moreover, let’s not forget the aesthetic appeal of creative storage. Consider a blanket ladder or a stylish ottoman that doubles as storage. I remember a project where a client had an exquisite collection of throw blankets that they wanted to showcase without creating clutter. We settled on a rustic ladder against a bare wall. Not only did it solve the storage problem, but it also became a unique decor element in the room, showcasing the beautiful textures and patterns of the blankets.

It’s not just about finding a place to stash away your blankets; it’s about incorporating these essential items into your home’s design seamlessly. We can draw parallels from other design-related disciplines. For instance, in fashion, designers don’t just think about the functionality of a pocket; they consider how it can enhance the garment’s overall appeal.

To wrap it up, remember organizing a small home without a linen closet or traditional storage is not a drawback. It’s an invitation to become creative, innovative, and efficient. The methods mentioned above not only help you store blankets but also present an opportunity to rethink your space, reduce clutter, and create an aesthetically pleasing and tranquil environment. After all, a well-organized home is a happy home.

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1. Effortless Elegance: How to Store Blankets in the Living Room

Storing blankets in the living room doesn’t need to be a hassle. In fact, it can become an aesthetic statement and a reflection of your unique style. Storage trunks, whether antique, heirloom, or brand new, make for excellent multifunctional furniture. A trunk placed in the living room can serve as a coffee table while creating necessary storage for blankets. Nestle a few blankets inside, along with your favorite board games, to save space and create a conversation piece.

Alternatively, repurpose a spare firewood rack as a cozy storage solution for your blankets. Rolled tightly, blankets can mimic firewood and add a rustic touch to your living room decor. Position this near your designated spot on the sofa, creating an inviting ambiance for those chilly nights when you want to reach for a blanket and indulge in a good book or a movie.

Finally, consider making use of ladder bookcases, which provide an excellent way to store your blankets in a stylish and accessible manner. A blanket ladder leaned against any empty spot on the wall adds an element of effortless elegance to your living room. It doubles as decor, showcasing your beautiful blankets and adding a cozy touch to the room.

How to Store Blankets Without a Closet: Creative Blanket Storage Ideas

2. Creativity Unleashed: DIY Blanket Storage Ideas for Your Home

In the quest for DIY blanket storage, your creative options are virtually limitless. A spare log holder can be turned into a unique blanket storage. Simply roll them tight so that they mimic firewood, and stack them on the rack. This solution is not only practical, but it also adds an interesting and cozy aesthetic to your living room.

Utilizing a vintage ladder as a blanket holder can bring a rustic charm to any room. Lean it against an empty wall and display your favorite throws on each rung. This approach not only keeps your blankets within reach but also incorporates them as a part of your decor, showcasing their textures and colors.

Another DIY option is transforming a basic ottoman into a storage haven for your blankets. Choose an ottoman with storage capabilities, such as those designed for shoes or kids’ toys, and repurpose it to hold your blankets. This option keeps your blankets conveniently out of sight but readily accessible when needed, proving that utility and style can indeed coexist.

How to Store Blankets Without a Closet: Creative Blanket Storage Ideas

3. Timeless Tidiness: How to Store Blankets Long Term

When it comes to storing blankets for the long term, it’s crucial to prioritize preservation and space optimization. The process involves more than just neatly folding your blankets and placing them in storage. The steps you take can maintain the quality and freshness of your blankets, ensuring they’re just as cozy when you retrieve them months or even years later.

Start by washing and thoroughly drying your blankets. This step is key as it ensures that no oils, dirt, or odors are trapped during storage, which could lead to unpleasant smells or even damage to the material over time. This is particularly essential if you’re storing special blankets, such as a Merino wool blanket, as stains can become even harder to remove over time.

Next, choose the right storage solution. Consider vacuum-sealed bags if you’re tight on space. They remove the air, thus reducing the volume of the blankets, and they also provide a good barrier against dust, pests, and humidity. For blankets that require more care, such as Afghans or heirloom quilts, acid-free boxes are ideal. They prevent yellowing and degradation of the material over time.

Lastly, choose the right location for storage. Cool, dry, and dark places are ideal to prevent damage from humidity, heat, and light. Avoid storing blankets in basements or attics unless they are climate-controlled. By taking these steps, you can ensure your blankets are ready to use whenever you need them next, whether that’s the following winter or several years down the line.

How to Store Blankets Without a Closet: Creative Blanket Storage Ideas

4. Mastering Minimalism: How to Store Blankets to Save Space

If you’re embracing a minimalist lifestyle or simply dealing with a smaller space, efficient blanket storage becomes even more crucial. A simple yet effective space-saving solution is utilizing under-bed storage. Use storage bins designed to slide under your bed to store seasonal or rarely used blankets. This option is out of sight, thus keeping your room clutter-free. Be sure to properly clean and fold blankets before storing them to maintain their quality and longevity.

A storage ottoman or bench serves a dual purpose – it provides a place to sit as well as a place to store your blankets. This is especially useful in smaller spaces where each piece of furniture needs to be functional and efficient. Position one at the end of your bed or in your living room, making sure your blankets are always within reach but out of sight.

Another clever method is to use hanging linen storage. These are often designed to hang from a closet rod, but you can also use them behind doors or on wall hooks. They can store blankets neatly folded in their compartments, saving precious closet space and keeping your blankets easily accessible.

How to Store Blankets Without a Closet: Creative Blanket Storage Ideas

5. Tranquil Transformations: How to Store Blankets in Your Bedroom

Finding ways to store blankets in your bedroom can actually contribute to a tranquil, organized environment. Consider using a stylish blanket rack or ladder to display and store your blankets. This not only keeps your blankets within reach during cold nights but also serves as a decorative element that adds a warm touch to your bedroom.

If you have a window seat or a large bay window in your bedroom, it’s an excellent location for blanket storage. Choose a few decorative baskets or bins that match your decor and can fit under the seat. Roll your blankets neatly and place them in the bins for easy access.

Lastly, you can utilize the foot of your bed for storage. A classic cedar chest or modern storage bench serves as an excellent storage solution and can also add character to your bedroom. Place your neatly folded blankets inside, and you’ll have a quick solution for those cooler nights when you need an extra layer of warmth. Remember, your bedroom is a personal sanctuary, and maintaining an organized space contributes significantly to its peaceful, relaxing ambiance.

How to Store Blankets Without a Closet: Creative Blanket Storage Ideas

Final Thoughts

Unleashing your creativity to tackle the challenge of how to store blankets without a closet is truly a testament to the transformative power of interior design. These seemingly minor adjustments can reinvent your home, proving that no home, even a small home with no storage, is without the potential for innovation and fresh space. 

There is truly a world of difference between a chaotic, cluttered environment and a home where everything has its rightful place. It all starts with understanding and applying evidence-based design principles, thinking out of the box, and not shying away from trying something new.

In the world of interior design, it’s all about making smart and stylish use of what you have. And believe me, when it comes to storing blankets and other bedding items, there’s a wealth of unique and practical organization ideas you can employ that don’t necessarily require a linen closet or even a traditional dresser. 

For example, opting for a multifunctional piece of furniture can be a great way of storing blankets while simultaneously saving space and keeping your linens fresh and clean. Adding a chic blanket ladder to your living room or bedroom not only offers a solution for blanket storage but also becomes a decor piece in its own right, contributing to the overall room ideas for your space. 

You can even tuck your blankets away into storage bags, then store linens under the bed or other furniture, maximizing your use of available space and maintaining an appealing home view. But remember, it’s not just about storage; it’s also about maintenance. 

Knowing how to care for your blankets will ensure their longevity and aesthetic appeal, be it an afghan blanket or a precious Merino wool blanket. From washing and drying methods to getting out stubborn stains, your informed approach can make a difference. And don’t forget to find the best way to store blankets and keep them fresh for longer. 

Decluttering your house in one day might seem like a Herculean task, but armed with the right strategies and a can-do spirit, it can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Embrace the principle of FIFO – ‘First In, First Out’ to systematically sort through your items, deciding what stays and what goes. This is one of the best tips for maintaining order in your household, especially when dealing with items like towels that can accumulate in bathrooms and laundry rooms. 

While packing up a messy house, remember every bit of progress, no matter how small, is a step towards a more organized, peaceful, and functional home. When shopping for your storage solutions, be mindful of your budget. There are plenty of affordable options on Amazon that offer great value for the price. 

Finally, always bear in mind that the heart of interior design and home organization lies not in the pursuit of perfection but in the creation of a space that reflects your personality, suits your needs, and makes you feel truly at home. 

Whether you’re storing blankets, arranging furniture, or decorating a room, the end goal is the same: to create a space where you love to live. And if you’re ever in need of inspiration, Instagram is a treasure trove of room and blanket storage ideas. Take these ideas, make them your own, and transform your home into your personal sanctuary. Enjoy the journey!

Store Blankets Without a Closet – FAQ

1. What are some creative ideas for storing blankets without a closet?

Storing blankets without a closet can be an opportunity for some home decor creativity. An eye-catching blanket ladder adds vertical storage while doubling as a unique piece of decor. Similarly, storage baskets are wonderful options. They come in a variety of sizes and designs and can fit right into your space. Consider a DIY project to personalize these solutions to match your home aesthetics.

2. How can I optimize the storage space in my home to store blankets?

Optimizing storage space for blankets begins with decluttering your space. Once that’s done, consider investing in multifunctional furniture with hidden storage, such as an ottoman or bench. Blanket storage bags are a great option as well – they’re slim and can fit under the bed or on a high shelf, saving you a lot of valuable room. 

3. I’m running out of closet space, are there other ways to store my blankets?

Absolutely! When the closet is full, consider using the space under your bed for storing blankets. This is where storage bags or flat bins come into play. Additionally, a decorative basket or a stylish storage bench placed strategically in the living room can double as blanket storage.

4. Can you suggest some out-of-the-box linen storage ideas for small homes?

Sure, small homes call for creative linen storage solutions. Decorative trunks can serve as a coffee table and linen storage simultaneously. Similarly, a hollowed-out bookshelf, used as a headboard, can provide ample room for your linens. Wall-mounted racks or vertical shelving units can also free up valuable floor space.

5. Are there any multifunctional furniture pieces that can help in storing blankets and other linens?

Yes, there are many furniture pieces designed with storage in mind. Consider a storage ottoman, which can house blankets and double as a footrest or additional seating. A storage bench is another excellent choice, especially for bedroom or entryway placement. 

6. What’s an effective method of storing blankets to ensure they stay fresh and clean?

To keep your blankets fresh and clean, consider vacuum-sealed storage bags. These can be tucked away under the bed or in a drawer and will protect your blankets from dust and dirt. Also, before storing, ensure your blankets are clean and completely dry to avoid any mold or mildew.

7. Do I need a specific type of storage container for different types of blankets?

While not necessary, different containers can be helpful. Soft, breathable bags are suitable for cotton or wool blankets, while plastic bins or vacuum-sealed bags are perfect for synthetic materials. Remember to label containers for easy identification.

8. I have an open-concept home; how can I store my blankets without disrupting the aesthetic of my space?

In an open-concept home, your blanket storage can double as decor. Decorative baskets, blanket ladders, or a neatly folded stack on a bench add a cozy touch. You can also use a stylish cabinet or bookshelf to store blankets within easy reach.

9. Can you recommend any blanket storage solutions that also add a decorative touch to my rooms?

Certainly, a chic blanket ladder or a tasteful storage basket can serve as both storage and decor. A storage ottoman or bench can also add a stylish element to your room. These solutions can keep your blankets tidy while enhancing your room’s aesthetic.

10. What is the best way to organize and store linens and blankets in a home without a linen closet?

In homes without a linen closet, creativity is key. Utilize under-bed storage or drawer space, or invest in furniture with built-in storage like ottomans or benches. A well-placed storage basket can be an effective solution, or consider a blanket ladder for a decor-friendly storage option. 

How to Store Blankets Without a Closet: Creative Blanket Storage Ideas
How to Store Blankets Without a Closet: Creative Blanket Storage Ideas

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